Letting Your Guests Know You’ve Postponed: Stationery Ideas

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Last week we shared our guidance on postponing your wedding day. While it’s never an ideal scenario, unfortunately we are amidst a time that postponing your wedding is unavoidable. It is important to notify your guests of your news which, depending on how close the date is, should be with made by phone/email, group chat or in writing. A simple phone call to let your guests know is a great idea, and a job that you can share out between your bridal party during this strange lockdown we’re all apart of. Let them know you’re simply postponing the day, not cancelling, there’s a big difference and tell them you’ll be in touch as soon as new arrangements are finalised. 

When you’re ready to get moving with your wedding plans a change of date card, either emailed or mailed in the post, is a nice way of advising your guests of the new date and bringing back happiness to your occasion. We’ve been having a look and love these five ideas… 

Date Change – Etsy
Sorry for the inconvenience – Zazzle
Delete the date – Hip Hip Hooray
Change of plans – Etsy
Announcement – Zazzle

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