Love Is In The Air – A Live Irish Wedding Proposal

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This is not our typical engagement shoot, but how often do we get to feature a proposal, captured as it happened?

will you marry me banner

Lisa Tiffany Photographer

This year’s Air Spectacular, at Bray Summerfest, got off to a flying start last Sunday when Liz Donohue proposed to Damien Murphy, using an 80 foot aerial banner, flown across Bray Seafront. 

Being a leap year, Liz decided to take the plunge by proposing to Damien, but chose to catch him off guard, and not pop the question on the traditional February 29th. Months of secret plans ensued between Liz and the organisers of the Air Spectacular Bray, Simtech Aviation.

Liz brought Damien to the viewing balcony of the Barracuda Restaurant in Bray under the pretence that she had won VIP access to the Air Spectacular in a competition.  As Damien spotted the tow plane whiz past the balcony with the words: Yum, will you marry me?‘ written on the 80 foot banner, Liz got down on one knee.

RTÉ interview

Lisa Tiffany Photographer

RTÉ was there to capture the moment, and even interviewed the couple after.

You can see Liz’s live wedding proposal to Damien on news.

Yum is my nickname for Damien so he knew straight away that this question was just for him. He said yes’ as our favourite song, the Andy Williams version of Can’t Take My Eyes Off You’, played over the PA system and I couldn’t have asked for a better way to propose.

engagement celebrations

Lisa Tiffany Photographer

Damien and Liz celebrated their engagement with a champagne toast in the Barracuda, where they watched the rest of the air show  on a high.

bray air spectacular

Lisa Tiffany Photographer

Bray summerfest

Lisa Tiffany Photographer

Luckily for us, photographer Lisa Tiffany was there to capture these split second shots.

I was using a very long lens so I could read the banner before anyone actually said anything, then she proposed. 

leap year proposal

Lisa Tiffany Photographer

Best wishes to Liz and Damien, and congrats to all involved in this fantastically well coordinated and well kept secret! And sincere thanks to Lisa Tiffany for sharing these images with us. You can see the rest of Lisa’s photographs from the event here.

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