Lost Engagement & Wedding Rings Returned After 12 Years

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It’s so heartwarming when you hear a good news story, and it brings a smile to your face. This story brings an even bigger smile to my face because it happened to my cousin Catherine. Almost 12 years after losing her engagement ring and wedding band, they were returned to her out of the blue.


Down through the years I’ve heard about the rings that just vanished. Catherine had been checking the oil in her car, and put the rings on the window cill at home while she washed her hands. She then popped them in her pocket as she was heading out the door, to put them on later. After a busy morning, she was attending a meeting in the HSE offices in Wicklow town when the rings must have fallen out of her pocket.

She only realised later that day that the rings were missing, but she was never 100% sure if she had put them in her pocket, or left them on the window cill at home. Unknown to Catherine, the rings had been found, and handed in to the HSE in Wicklow where they we put into a lost property box. And this is where the rings remained until recently.

Catherine’s husband Oran got a call out of the blue on Monday from Mark Farrell in the HSE who had found them in the lost property box in an office that was getting cleared out. Luckily for Catherine and Oran, they had engraved their initials and wedding date on the inside of the wedding band, and Mark took it upon himself to track them down, and find the rightful owner.

Catherine and Oran had long since given up on finding the rings, and eventually replaced them, but they didn’t get the wedding band engraved, so Catherine will now wear the original ring again.

Kudos to Mark for investigative skills, and for returning the rings to Catherine and Oran. I was so pleased for them both that the rings finally turned up all these years later.

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