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Today we bring you sunshine and romance from Ana and Daniel’s traditional Portuguese wedding in Lagos. Their day was effortlessly beautiful and just wait until you see Ana’s breathtaking Rosa Clara gown. Thanks to Passionate Photography for sharing this little taste of sunshine with us.

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Native of Sydney, Australia, Daniel first met Portuguese Ana in a bar in Lagos;

“I was travelling around Europe and ended up in Lagos, Portugal. I was in a bar watching a World Cup match when this gorgeous Portuguese girl started talking to me. I soon forgot about the game and we instantly hit it off. A long story short, I ended up staying in Portugal for a couple more years and the rest is history!” explained Daniel.

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On their fourth anniversary, and in Daniel’s home city of Sydney, Daniel proposed.

“I had taken Ana out for dinner to celebrate our fourth anniversary. After dinner we went for a walk along the waterfront and came to a park in front of Harbour Bridge and the Opera House. I told Ana that the past four years were the best of my life and asked her if she would spend the rest of her life with me. She had tears in her eyes when I dropped to my knee and took out the ring!” said Daniel.

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As the couple lived in Sydney and they knew their wedding would be in Portugal, they took things slowly to begin with.

“We knew that were would be having a Catholic wedding in Ana’s local church and the reception would be where we spent a lot of our time in the past, Duna Beach. It had the perfect selection of venues but when Ana went on holidays to Europe the stress hit her!” added Daniel.

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The couple decided their colour of choice would be white. Together with the green from the vine and brown from the wood their choices were elegant, sophisticated and simple. As with Portuguese tradition Ana didn’t have bridesmaids but witnesses instead.

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Their day was perfect, Ana’s Rosa Clara gown and complementing lace edged Cathedral veil proved to be the perfect choice for their stunning day.

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“The highlight of the the day for me has to be the first dance. I was so nervous but when the moment came it truly was one of the most memorable five minutes of my life! We had a singer sing and play ‘By The Way’ by the Red Hot Chilli Peppers, which was the first song we ever kissed to. I remember looking at Daniel and thinking, five years ago we thought it would just be a holiday fling and look at us now, married!” said Ana.

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“My highlight was the second the doors opened in the church and I saw Ana standing there with the sun behind her, looking incredible. I had been nervous all morning but when I saw her I forgot about the nerves and thought how much of a lucky man I am!” said Daniel.

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Ana & Daniel’s Advice

Make sure that everything is organised with plenty of time to spare because there will always be last minute things that come up. Just remember that these are all just the small details and getting married to the person you love it the most important thing, so don’t stress out too much!

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Wedding Suppliers

Ceremony: Igreja De Sào Sebastião, Lagos.

Reception: Duna Beach, Lagos.

Wedding dress: Soft by Rosa Clara.

Groomswear: Roger David, Sydney.

Cake: Doce Tentacào, Lagos.

Florist: Xeli Florist, Lagos.

Church musician: Joào Cunha.

Entertainment: DJ Jills, Lagos.

Photographer: Passionate Photography, Algarve.

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