Mother Of The Bride: How To Dress

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Your daughter is getting married and you are no doubt just as excited as her about getting dressed up and looking fabulous on this very special day!

Over and above your beautiful daughter, there is one person many of the female guests will be excited to see, and that is you. From the very start to finish of the day you will also be on show to all the guests.

Mother of The Bride - Tips on How to Dress

From your first entrance into the ceremony and posing for photographs, to sitting at the top table alongside your family and mingling with the guests, your outfit will be a talking point for the guests. No pressure then! To help you get it right, here are a few pointers on how you should dress for your family celebration.


You are part of the wedding party and it is important to confer with your daughter, bridesmaids and mother of the groom to make sure your outfit co-ordinates with the bridal party, overall theme and colour scheme of the wedding. You should remember that as mother of the bride you want, not only to look amazing, but not to stand out for the wrong reasons. Sticking to the colour scheme will lead to a much happier daughter!

Traditionally, unless the bride requests it, you should never wear white or cream – she is the lady of the day after all! You should also dress tastefully, your daughter’s wedding is not the place to show off your amazing cleavage.


Luis Civit

Luis Civit

Outfit Tips


Choose an outfit that suits your complexion and hair colour. Remember you have to wear the outfit and feel happy in it, so don’t be ruled by anyone else.

Body Shape

Curvier ladies should make sure jackets are not too short but, instead cover your hips to create a more sleek and longer silhouette.

If you have a petite frame a fitted short jacket will accentuate your slim figure and also give the illusion of more height.

Almost all women look good in a long jacket over a straight dress and it is great for disguising a larger bottom or rounded waist.

A sleeveless dress with coordinating jacket is always a popular choice because you can take the jacket off later in the day. If you feel self conscious about your upper arms use a matching wrap or pashmina to cover up, without the restriction of your jacket.


John Charles

John Charles


Make sure your headwear, whether it be a hat or fascinator complements your outfit and wear it on the crown of your head, not the back.

Keep your make up and accessories simple. Remember the old saying, less is more.

Wear shoes that you can actually walk in and are comfortable, you will be wearing them for a long time!

Once you have your entire outfit purchased, try it on and have someone take a photograph so that you can see how you are going to look and that you are happy with it.

It is very important to choose an outfit that is comfortable, after all you will be wearing it all day and you want to feel like you can move, especially if you are a keen dancer.

One last thing, BRING TISSUES!


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  1. Sinead L says:

    I definitely agree about curvier women not wearing really short jackets. They did nothing for my mum. She’s not too enthusiastic about showing off her arms so she went for a top with sleeves to her elbow and the jacket has full length sleeves, and feels far more comfortable.

  2. Brilliant tips, I wish I’d had them when I was getting married. The boutique that my Mum bought her outfit in sold her a hat to match her outfit that was too large for her, she is only little so it swamped her, you can’t see her face in any of our photographs.

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