Loves: Cheese Wheel Cakes

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One of our favourite things about Christmas (there, we said the C word!) is the fact it’s totally acceptable to eat cheese in huge quantities – along with turkey and ham too! Of course, cheese isn’t just for Christmas, it’s completely ok to serve a cheese wheel cake on your wedding day too especially if sweet layers of sponge don’t take your fancy.

From rich and pungent to soft and creamy, whatever your cheese dreams, you can create the perfect stack to suit your palette and create a rustic look. Even better, cheese wheel cakes make a great wedding favour for your guests, just portion up and send home along with a few crackers!

We’ve been searching for the prettiest cheese wheel cakes to inspire you – and make you want to eat a entire wheel of brie yourself!

cheese wheel cake

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Label your cheeses so your guests know what they’re eating!

cheese wheel cake

Image via Wedding Forward

Don’t be tempted to go over five or six cheese layers, and try to stick with the less is more approach to decor, letting the cheese do the talking.

cheese wheel cake

Image via Brides Magazine

Just like the cake above keep decor simple and in line with the tone of the day – if you choose to use flowers as decoration, add a few soft blooms from your bouquet for a cohesive look.

How clever is the display table above? Drawers filled with crackers and cheese decorated with juicy grapes, sure what more would you want?!

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