14 Photos you Absolutely HAVE TO get on your Wedding Day

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There are some moments you wish could last forever, and on your wedding day those moments come thick and fast! From the second you wake until you crawl into your marital leaba for the first time (coowee!) so many special memories will have been made that you will have wanted to capture and relive for years to come. Some of our favourite moments in our real weddings are those when people are captured at their most natural – we love to see the reaction of a father or mother as they see their daughter looking more beautiful than ever, the look on the couple as they see each other for the first time, the older guests relaxing and enjoying their day and the kids dancing in their wedding finery. There are so many important images that can be captured on such a special day – so make sure you have a brilliant wedding photographer on hand to help you relive them many years from now! Here’s 14 of our ‘must have’ wedding photos for your album.

1. The bridesmaids’ first look photo

Bridesmaid first look wedding photo

2. Mom/Dad’s reaction


3. The Groomsmen getting ready together


4. Older guests having a laugh…


5. And the little ones being their sweet selves…


6. His/Her ‘First look’ on the aisle


7. The Couple’s reception entrance


8. A quiet, relaxed moment


9. A Big Showstopping Shot


10. The personal details that made it yours


11. Your family and friends’ kind words

Bridesmaid speech

12. The First Dance in all its Hollywood glamour

image of wedding band ireland

13. The Bride & Bridesmaids having a boogie


14. At your most beautiful


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