Newly Engaged? Here’s 10 Wedding Planning Things That Can Wait!

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We’ve got a little secret to share today – gather round, are you ready? – you might just have got engaged but that doesn’t mean your wedding planning has to start right away! 

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Honestly, the world and their wife will soon be asking you have you done this, have you booked that etc, and really now is the time to relax and enjoy the exciting thing that has just happened! Share your happy news, be in the moment and take that ring selfie if you wish, just don’t start stressing over wedding planning. Here’s 10 key wedding planning tasks that can wait… 

1. Choosing your wedding dress

By all means start looking, pinning and gazing at wedding dresses but don’t feel you have to jump straight in when you have half an idea of what you like. Give yourself time to consider how the day is evolving, what kind of dress will suit the event and give yourself room to change your mind. You’re the bride, you’re completely allowed to! 

2. Choosing your wedding party 

It’s most likely you’ll have a fair idea of who the chosen ones are going to be and they will probably have been one of the first people you shared your happy news with but give yourself some time to really consider who will do a good job. Once you’ve really given it time then go ahead and ask away until you’re hearts content. 

3. Planning your honeymoon

Lots of couples don’t jet off on honeymoon as soon as their Big Day is over, instead many are waiting a few months into their marriage. If you do want to go immediately after the wedding you could book it around six to eight months before. 

4. Choosing your flowers

If you have your dream florist in mind it makes sense to book them early (especially if they are super popular!) but you don’t have to choose your flowers until closer to the wedding. Your florist will guide you on when they need to know so begin by setting aside images of flowers you really love to give them a good idea of what you may want. 

5. Deciding on the tiny details

There are lots and lots of tiny details that you will haver to choose including your shoes, table settings, place cards, signage etc but right at the beginning of your wedding planning isn’t the time to confuse yourself with so many choices! 

6. Sorting all the legal stuff 

Nows the time for a manicure and showing off your ring, not filing documents of your intent! For all the legal info on marrying in Ireland head here. 

7. Starting any DIY projects 

Yes it’s a good idea to be prepared and give yourself plenty of time, but see point 7 above! 

8. Choosing your bridesmaids dresses

Just like your wedding gown, what you instantly love and think you’ll go for may change during your planning so it’s best not to head feet first into making a big decision until you have had time to refine your overall look and feel. 

9. Planning your seating arrangements 

This will hurt so don’t even start it yet! In the beginning you’ll want to figure out a rough estimate of numbers to work out your venue choices and for budgeting, but believe us when we say leave this for closer (not too close though!) to the time. For a no stress guide to seating arrangements head here. 

10. Choosing your stationery 

By all means fall in love with your perfect stationer and begin looking around for the type of style you will go for but take your time in refining it before making any big decisions. Always remember your wedding invitation is the initial introduction your guests will get for your Big Day so you really want it to be right! 


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