Nine Non-Boring Tasks for the Groom to Plan!

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Groom planning tasks

Modern day grooms don’t have the luxury of just showing up on the day (on time, very important!) with polished shoes and saying I do! It’s 2017, your fiancée is busy working, dreaming and planning the most perfect of wedding days and of course having a life too, so it’s time you rolled up your sleeves and gave a helping hand.

Today we’ve compiled a little list of nine tasks for the groom to assist with for the wedding day, and not one of them can be considered boring so give them your best shot!

1. Honeymoon: After months of planning your honeymoon will be a very welcome opportunity to relax so it’s essential you are both happy with the destination choice. Do your research, find out the best destinations to visit at the time of year you’re getting married and take the planning from there. Why not be really adventurous and keep your honeymoon a secret from your bride?

2. Budget: Setting a budget, and sticking to it, is a really important part of wedding planning. No-one wants to go overboard and start their married life badly in debt, so why not take reigns of the budget and keep it in check?

3. Guest accommodation: Depending on your venue size, it mightn’t be an option to offer all your guests on-site accommodation. If this is the case with your venue spend time researching other local options and include these with your invitations.

4. Quality down time: It’s very important not to get so engrossed in your wedding plans that it takes over your life! If you find the Big Day is drawing closer and the stress levels are quickly growing why not plan a day or weekend away from it all and spend some much needed quality time with your other half.

5. Suits & accessories: It can be a time consuming task contacting everyone in the groom’s party and organising a day that will work for everyone to try on suits – it might in fact be impossible! Your fiancée is looking after her girls so take this job on and give her one less set of people to consider.

Groom planning tasks

6. Wedding band: There are so many choices out there to choose from and research, so why not get started and draw up a potential list. Here’s a little tip, start here – Mrs2be Entertainment Suppliers!

7. Speeches: The one task you really must do, even if you don’t do another thing! Write your speech in plenty of time before the Big Day so you can digest and revise it. Do not leave it to the night before – you have been warned!

8. Transport: Depending on the size of your wedding party, and also your budget, a number of cars will need to be hired for the journey from the bride’s house to the ceremony and then on to the reception. Work out who you have to transport, what style you prefer and get looking and booking.

9. Surprise your bride: Let your bride-to-be know you’re thinking about her on the morning of your wedding by organising a surprise to be sent to her house. A simple bunch of flowers and a card letting her know you can’t wait to see her walking up the aisle will earn major brownie points and get your new married life off to a flying start!


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