One Month To Go – BluefishJD’s Wedding Planning Diary

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It’s all systems go for our blogging groom to be BluefishJD.  With just a month left before he ties the knot, he fills us in on what’s left on his to do list. 

With just over a month to go until the big day it is really hitting us that this wedding is really going to happen… and very soon at that! The butterflies (and small bouts of panic) are setting in and the time really is upon us! As well as it being a hugely exciting time I realised I have to really step up the game, having sorted out all the major things it was now high time to focus on the little, but definitely all important things that I had kept pushing off and putting on the closer to the date list, so here is a round up of some of the things I am doing as we head into the home straight!

One Month Until The Wedding

Ceremony and Reception Special Touches

Hitting this significant marker in our wedding planning timeline it was time to get to work on our pew decorations, candy table and other little special, personal, touches we wanted to add to our wedding. As well as an alternative treasured thoughts idea I have for our guests we also wanted the traditional guest book. Having searched online to find an array of choice we happened upon a lovely silver paper edged guest book with hard back white leather cover in our local eason to which we added some organza ribbon, diamantes and paper cut butterflies to finish it off and give it a more personal touch, cheap, easy and again something that we have done ourselves which has become a definite theme throughout our wedding plans. I don’t know whether that is down to being creative or just wanting everything perfect and done the way we want it haha (not in a groomzilla type of way though!!).

Wedding Reception Bathroom Baskets

Next on my things to do was sorting out the finishing touches, so having done a deal with a local superstore for bulk buying, which offered us a nice hefty discount, we set about gathering our bits and bobs we wanted to include in our complimentary bathroom baskets (by the way, there is a great comprehensive list on for those of you wanting to get an idea of what to put into your own bathroom baskets) Bluefish Belle also had the genius idea of getting some samples of perfumes/aftershave, lipstick and make-up from Avon.

Having a number of kids to entertain throughout the meal we also got the kids activity packs sorted to include toys / colours / puzzles and the likes.

This week saw the delivery of our 100 Chinese lanterns for our evening sky lantern launch, this is one part of the wedding that I am really looking forward to as I think it is  such an elegant way to mark this momentous day in our lives alongside all our family and friends, just so symbolic for us on different levels as well as being visually impressive.

Chinese Lanterns, Image by Pawel Bebenca Photography

Image courtesy of Pawel Bebenca Photography

I also stocked up on wedding cake and champagne bottle shaped bubbles with a vision to having them on the pews in the church for each guest to blow as we walk back down the aisle, but unfortunately I found out (after I had bought them!) that the church doesn’t allow any bubbles, rice or confetti and rose petals are only allowed at a major push with the stipulation that the florist (or whoever is in charge of the church flowers & decorations) to clean them up immediately so future b2bs beware check with your church and see what is allowed in the lines of these extra bits before you go buying them. But no harm done, we have them now so will introduce them somewhere else – maybe at each place setting or something.

With Valentines paraphernalia in abundance we picked up loads of Love themed sweets and bits at great prices as well as getting retro sweets from a number of different stores to fill our jars to create our candy bar – having already sourced metal sweet scoops, tongs and colour coordinated candy striped bags to really finish it off from good auld ebay it really does look well and all done by ourselves for next to nothing!


Just as a tip and something we did ourselves was buy along the way – keep an eye out for bargains no matter what time of the year – you never know when you might see something that would just work and add to your big day and then the cost is not all lumped into one!

The Dress

During this time Bluefish Belle had a  meeting with a dress maker to complete her required dress alterations (adding straps and the likes) and first proper dress fitting with a final fitting & tweaking set for closer to the date, mind you the dress is more or less spot on size wise and we put that down to going with exact measurements when we ordered it and as it turns out the guy we chose to do the alterations is actually a wedding and formal dress designer which we were delighted with as we can rest assured that the dress will be sorted to a very high standard and alterations can be left in his capable hands.

Ceremony Music

Although our two soloists are very competent singers they are not professional and were a little nervous singing for the first time in a cathedral so we just recently had a run through the whole ceremony with the organist that we booked and she is happy with our chosen programme much of which to be fair was guided by her bar a couple of things we really wanted in the wedding so thankfully that’s all done and ticked off! The organists guidance and help has really being great and I am so glad Bluefish Belle pushed for this as it will really add to our ceremony, just hearing her play a couple of notes bouncing around the vastness of the cathedral from the organ sent shivers up my back, good ones, and such a relief knowing that we have a professional on board to help guide both of our soloists and get the best out of them by providing individual rehearsals to make sure all will be perfect on the day.


This one month milestone also saw us secure a florist to look after both the bride and bridesmaid bouquets and our buttonholes. By chance Bluefish belle was given the florists card by a client, she’s a local freelance florist and have to say well impressed and delighted we can give our business to someone local and starting out (which we did when it came to our photographer and DJ as well). After initial contact the florist came back to us with three options varying in price to cover all budgets and fantastic suggestions so we have a meeting with her coming up in the coming weeks just to finalise our chosen option, flowers and decoration (diamantés/pearls etc within the bouquet) and sort out a delivery time.

Final Items On The Do To List

Other items which I have started to tackle include our mass booklet, finalising readers for the mass, printed material for the reception such as signs for the bathroom baskets and candy bar. We’ve also made a start on putting our favours (scented jar candles) together and applying personal labels I designed before going into their individual organza bags which again I sourced from ebay at a great price.  I am also looking at transport for us for the day and as luck would have it one of my mothers friends works at a high end second hand car garage where he has offered us (only if available so fingers crossed) a ’96 Rolls Royce no less to bring us to the church! Arriving in style or what and for free to boot! If that fails I have sorted a back up plan to rent a top of the range black audi from the local Audi/VW garage – I did look into the vintage car hire, a bit shocked at the price of hiring a car for about 3hrs if I’m honest but after really thinking  & talking about it the vintage car is just not us where as the more modern sleek look of an audi is more our style and way cheaper when you can hire a car from €60 a day!

With so much going on there is a fear of overlooking the simplest of things, like not to forget that coveted green folder that holds our marriage certificate and thank God for and it’s community of missies. I’m sure I’ll be posting more silly questions and checklist related posts in the coming weeks but I have to say the checklist on has been like a bible to me but it’s those little things in the run up to the wedding say the last week where advice from some experienced brides come in handy, so I’m taking note of any last week checklist posts I come across.

To think next month I’ll be a husband, and a very lucky one at that, as I will be married to my one true Valentine Bluefish Belle  🙂 …


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