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DIY Wedding Plans

Have you thought of  DIYing some of your wedding and putting your own stamp on it?

Having secured the church and venue for his wedding and organised the photographer & music, it was time for our blogging groom-to-be BluefishJD to start looking at tackling the rest of his wedding checkist. His creative flair and being a graphic designer meant that DIYing part of their wedding was part of the plan.  

To keep our costs down and more importantly for us, to add our own personal touch and unleash our creative sides, we both decided that we would do as much DIY as possible which in turn would make us able to splurge a little on items we didn’t want to cut corners on (rings, finishing touches) but also be able to pay for necessities up front such as pre-marriage courses, required paperwork, registration etc etc. So here I’ve outlined some of the elements of our wedding that we are approaching DIY Style.

Wedding Stationery

So I’ll start with my most favourite part and something I couldn’t wait to get my teeth stuck into which was the wedding invitations and accompanying stationery. In my own opinion, I think the invitations need that extra bit of thought, they really need to pop and engage the guest. As they are the first piece of communication to which you interact with your guest I think they need to both portray you as a couple, your style, personalities and also very much set the tone for the overall wedding.

With this being my domain Bluefish Belle just let me off and once I had a couple of initial design options worked up (8 in original line up I had so many ideas, designs and styles running around in my head I just wanted to get them all out) we started to whittle it down, liking elements from one mixing them with graphics from another until we were both happy with the design, layout and colour scheme. I have to say I loved working on these and the challenge of incorporating both languages into the one piece of printed material organically rather than informatively so as the design really portrayed us in an abstract way and as I said set a tone and feel for the wedding overall.

We got fantastic feedback from our guests once we started sending them out how fresh and original they were and although I had to pack a lot into them due to the two languages they were still modern, clean and elegant looking.

DIY Wedding Invitation

DL size Wedding Invitation

As well as the main 6pg DL Invitation I included an RSVP Card and a Guest Information double sided Flyer with all the relevant info we felt necessary to make it as easy as possible for our guests to join us on our big day.

Directions and Wedding RSVP Card

And to really give it a punch we sourced not the norm bright yellow envelopes and to add a bit of WOW Bluefish Belle got a personalized Wax Seal off the net just to finish it off.

Wedding Invitations Envelope and Seal

Ceremony Décor

Another element we have decided to approach DIY style is the decoration and flowers for the church. As I mentioned before in a previous post one of the reasons for us choosing a spring wedding was because of the flower of the season – the daffodil as well as roping in our family and friends (some of which have daffodils growing wild in abundance on their farm land). The daffodil planting began in staggered batches – we have planted troughs of bulbs in the ground for general use to adorn the church (and the reception venue) whilst also planting some bulbs in pots which will line the aisle and entrance to the church to give a wild garden/field look . We also are going to try our hand at the pew decorations having sourced rolls of diamond white organza and tulle off ebay together with self-lit branches I picked up in a local department store and sprigs of ivy and of course candles, lots of candles. I can see it in my head – it’s just to get all these elements to come together but I’ve been online and their is loads of pew decoration tutorials so am sure we’ll be grand. We will also be delegating decoration placement jobs to two of our guests both of which have a flare for this kind of thing to look after the actual set-up and clearing away stage.

We have Bluefish Belle’s mother creating the ring pillow, whilst my mother is looking after the garland display to include the unity candle for the altar.

Ceremony Music

This was next on the list which I left to Bluefish Belle we wanted both Polish and English songs so Bluefish Belle approached one her friends who is a competent singer to look after the Polish side and Bluefish Belle really enjoys my aunt’s singing and thinks she is great and wants her to sing as well. Initially I had thought of introducing an ipod or minidisc and PA system to play off the remainder of our chosen songs however on further talks with Bluefish Belle she reckon as we were going the whole hog to why not go that extra step and get a proper organist to play the organ in the Cathedral. I have to admit my ipod idea was just based on cost and also the availability of backing tracks for our chosen two soloists but when you hear the organ being played within the Cathedral it just gives it so much atmosphere and that real feel and an overall ceremonial feel to the wedding which I suppose is the best way to go, so currently in talks with an organists and hopefully we can finalise all that and the rehearsals in the coming weeks.

Wedding Reception DIY Ideas

At first we were not going to have any wedding favours as we had decided on doing up our own candy buffet and thought that would be enough and the expense of favours was unnecessary, but as the creative juices started to flow we couldn’t contain it so we are going with scented jar candles with a personalized sticker that I’ll design with the theme and design from the invitations, some sweets within a little organza material bag simple, easy and very cost effective. I’m getting a great deal on the candles as I am bulk buying and as we are making savings elsewhere, so we can spend more on little thank you gifts like these for our guests. We also intend on doing the bathroom baskets so we’ve been keeping an eye out for deals on those small sized cosmetics and bits in the sales.

DIY Candy Buffet

As mentioned above we have decided to introduce a candy buffet being very new to the world of weddings I hadn’t a clue what these were or indeed a thing you could have at your wedding! I initially saw pictures of a sweet tree which again looked fairly simple to put together and as I do like Ferrero Rocher I thought it could be something I could do myself! As I looked into it further I came across the candy buffet trend again approaching this DIY style I saw these really old style glass jars for €1 and €2 (depending on size) in the local €2 shop and at such a great price thought why not lets run with it!

Candy Buffet Bar Jars

I also found you can easily pick up sweets and retro sweets really cheap from some of the larger stores like Lidl and Tesco and also local discount stores. And just recently my theory of If you don’t ask you don’t get came to the fore yet again! I was in a local family run convenience shop who had recently set up their own Retro Sweets section with all the old jars, paraphernalia and sweets and by chance the owner was there, so I asked her were she sourced the jars. We got talking and I told her what I was planning and just thought if she got them locally somewhere (rather than off the supplier) maybe I could pick some up as well and her response sure why would you want to be buying all those glass jars?!? I can supply you with ones for the day! I was delighted to say the least so as well as the ones I picked up myself at great value I now have access to the real in-store style jars for free! I had planned to buy some of the rarer sweets off her anyway so what comes around goes around!

I’m sure, so far, this sounds like a lot of work on the two of us and would it not have been easier to just get suppliers in but to be honest we have been doing these things in bouts over the last couple of months, so the workload is spread out and we’ve really been having fun doing them together…and I think if you or your other half have even just a little bit of creative flare why not add your own DIY elements to your wedding? Fine it may not be as polished as that of a professional service/supplier but it will be something that you have done together and I just think these things take on a more personal feel and something you can be proud of that has that sentimental value…. so give it a go and have fun!!

3 thoughts on “Our DIY Wedding – BluefishJD’s Wedding Planning Diary”

  1. Simon says:

    Wow. If this is the standard of DIY weddings these days, some of us wedding suppliers are going to be out of work before too long! Great post 🙂

  2. Bluefishjd says:

    Many thanks simon for the compliment – we are putting a lot of our own hard work into making this fairytale day and can’t wait to see the end result – it’s not that we don’t appreciate good services and professionals but with having a creative edge myself I have tried to do as much DIY as possible and to the best of my abilities, I’m sure certain area’s won’t have that polished professional look but I’l give it a go 🙂 – again many thanks for the compliment and glad you enjoyed the post!

  3. Future Mrs2B says:

    Hi, I love reading your blog! Congrats on your wedding. I believe it was yesterday! Can you tell me where you got the wax seal?
    Many thanks

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