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How awful is it when you are going away for a break and it just seems to sneak up on you and you end up the night before throwing random items into your suitcase? I know, we’ve all been there and faced the consequences of having no two items that match, nightmare!

To enjoy your honeymoon to the full try to set aside a few hours planning your honeymoon packing- and make sure your other half does it too! Here are our tips on packing correctly and making your honeymoon go smoothly and ultimately uber relaxing!

-Think about where you are going to and check out what the weather will generally be like when you are there. With this knowledge you can begin to think about your wardrobe.

– Work out how many outfits you will need. If you are going to a luxurious beach resort, surely plenty of bikinis will be top of the list and not and elegant ball gown!

– Once you know how much of everything you will need, raid your wardrobe for what you already have and decide what you will need to purchase.

– Go shopping!!! Do we need to say anymore!

– Sort out your luggage, do you need to buy new suitcases?

– Before you reach the busy countdown to your wedding, take time to write a list of everything you are bringing- clothing, underwear, shoes, toiletries, phone charger, books/kindle, camera etc. A list of your carry on luggage is also a good idea, tickets, passports etc.

Practicalities of Packing

Believe me, no matter how big your suitcase may look, once you start shoving stuff into it, it will shrink! Be savvy and make the most of the space.

Pack in layers…

Layer 1: Shoes and technical gadgets – leave PLENTY of room for shoes, you know you’re going to bring too many, right?! If you can put each pair of shoes and gadgets in their own drawstring bag.

Layer 2: The uncrushables – Items like jackets, jeans, jumpers that can be rolled up should go on top of an between your shoes.

Layer 3: Lay your dresses and smart trousers flat over the top of your second layer, leaving edges hanging outside the suitcase, we’ll tell you why in a minute.

Layer 4: Roll soft jumpers, tops, beach cover ups etc and place them on top of layer three, then fold the ends of layer three over these.

Layer 5: Place toiletries, underwear and bikinis into separate bags and lay on top.

And there you have it, the perfectly packed suitcase!!


Things we love…

honeymoon essentials we love


Trunks | wedges | bikini | passport cover | suncream | sunglasses | suitcases/robe | luggage tags

Maldives courtesy of Kuoni

Maldives courtesy of Kuoni


As exciting as it will be for you, planning a wedding can be stressful and sometimes even a little bit manic! With to-do lists coming out of your ears, places to be, elements to decide and generally lots on your plate, your honeymoon will be a very welcome time!


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