Trash The Dress!

When you first hear trash the dress' chances are your mind will fill with scary images of wedding gowns getting torn, stained & generally defiled - not so!...

Creating a Wedding Scrapbook

You've probably got a bunch of leftover wedding bits and pieces lying around the house. Instead of throwing them in the bin, why not try making a scrapbook?

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Less than 1 month until my wedding!

With less than 1 month until her New Year's Eve wedding, we catch up with EngagedJuly09's plans including her dress fittings, cake, invitations and hen party!

I… Just Want To Thank You

Etiquette for your Thank You Cards. The wedding's over, your guests have gone home. We've got you covered with all you need to know about saying thank you.

Looking After Your Wedding Suppliers

Wedding Suppliers work hard to ensure your wedding day is perfect, so what can you do as a bride to help make their job a bit easier?

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What A Girl (And Her Groom) Wants

Wedding gift etiquette. How to tell your guests about your wedding list, and how to ask for money instead of gifts.

Plus Ones

Figuring out where to draw the line on wedding guests and plus ones is important to do early on in planning your guest list.

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My bridesmaids’ dresses have arrived!

Our real bride EngagedJuly09 keeps us up to date with her plans for her New Year's Eve wedding.

Brideandjoy’s Bridesmaid Manifesto

In the interests of not becoming a bridezilla, this is all bridal blogger brideandjoy asks of her bridesmaids (her bridesmaids' manifesto)

8 Top Tips for choosing your Wedding Music

Paul from Milehigh Wedding Band offers his advice on choosing your Music for your Wedding

Recipe for a Happy Marriage

A fun poem full of wisdom - the secret ingredients to a happy marriage. Take some time every now and again appreciate what it takes to make a...

Searching for my Bridesmaids Dresses

Hi again! So what have I been up to since my last blog? I left you when I had found my dream wedding dress with the lovely Karen...

The Truth about Wedding Planners

Annie Byrne from Aislinn Events discusses the advantages of using a wedding planner to help organise your wedding in Ireland

Tips from Tink

Our guest blogger Tinkerbelle Bride gives some top wedding tips she's learned while she was planning for her wedding.

EngagedJuly09 – setting the wedding date

Catch up with our real bride EngagedJuly09 as she sets the date for her wedding.

Brian O’Driscoll & Amy Huberman marry in Co. Leitrim

Irish rugby star Brian O'Driscoll tied the knot with Irish actress Amy Huberman yesterday in Aughavas, Co. Leitrim.

Wedding Report from Slightly Bonkers

Well fellow missies, it’s been a while since you have heard from Slightly Bonkers.  That’s “MRS” Slightly Bonkers to you now!! The wedding is over, the honeymoon is...

Around the World in Six Wedding Traditions

Bridal Blogger Tinkerbelle Bride takes a look at interesting wedding traditions from around the world, from African wedding beads to French hope chests.

Final blog post as a single woman!

Well Missies here I am on the final countdown (que music du, du, du, du) to my wedding day – early next week we will be in Sorrento...

My Wedding in Italy – less than 4 weeks to go!

Greetings fellow missies or should I say Buon Giorno! I’ve been blogging less and less as the big day approaches, this day four weeks (Saturday) I will be...