Slim Without The Gym

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Allergic to the treadmill? Follow our tips for shedding pre-wedding pounds without spending hours in the gym…

Every bride knows that she’s going to be the centre of attention on her wedding day; and while that in itself can be an exciting thought, it can also set you off worrying about looking your best. The fact is, we all have our body hang-ups and for most weight is an issue. There will always be brides for whom the impending wedding is a catalyst for major weight loss, but for many it’s just a matter of shifting those annoying few pounds that make all the difference between you feeling frumpy and fabulous! If you fall into the latter camp, you’ll be pleased to hear that you don’t need to fork out for expensive weight loss plans or even spend money on gym membership to streamline your figure ahead of the big day and your poolside debut on honeymoon! Making some simple changes to your daily routines can help you shed pounds, tone up and feel fantastic, all with minimal effort read on to find out how.


The mere mention of the dreaded D’ word is enough to make you hungry but there’s no getting around the fact that diet has a part to play when it comes to banishing muffin tops, bingo wings and jelly bellies. We’re not talking about having half a slice of rye bread and three grapes for lunch every day a hungry bride is never a happy bride after all! You can, however, make some simple changes to your diet that can help you lose weight and slim down while still feeling satisfied at mealtimes. Swapping refined foods such as white bread and rice for wholegrain alternatives is a great place to start wholegrains are lower in calories, take longer for your body to digest and release energy more slowly so you will feel fuller for longer. Drinking plenty of water keeps your body hydrated which in turn reduces fluid retention and can help you feel slimmer. Concentrate on eating your five portions of fruit and veg a day; you’ll find you automatically eat less junk food. For snacks, try healthy options like nuts and seeds, fresh or dried fruit, vegetable crudités with houmous or low fat dip and if you absolutely must have something sinful, try corn snacks, which are lower in calories than normal crisps, or good quality dark chocolate which satisfies cravings quicker than milk chocolate and is lower in fat. Save takeaways for a once-a-week treat and try to cut down on alcohol especially calorie-laden tipples such as beer, cider and wine.


It’s very possible to slim without the gym and in fact it’s possible to lose weight without doing any exercise at all but a few subtle lifestyle changes can help to speed up the process as well as meaning you don’t have to be as strict with diet and we’re always in favour of anything that means we can eat a bit more chocolate! Walking is one of the most effective forms of exercise and it’s easy to squeeze some into your day you could park your car further away and walk in to work, go for a short powerwalk in your lunch break, make a twice weekly date with a friend for an evening walk and gossip session or head out on your own with the dog for a longer stint. Alternatively you could try a new hobby horse riding, a martial art, boxing, surfing, salsa dancing that incorporates some physical activity whilst still being great fun; you could even enjoy this as part of some much-needed couple time with your husband to be!

Tricks & Tips

As well as the tried-and-tested methods of smoothing your silhouette, there are a few 21st century magic tricks that are invaluable for any bride wanting to look slimmer in the blink of an eye! Inch-loss treatments at your beautician are a great quick fix the effects are instant, albeit relatively short-lived, and can be the perfect last minute solution to feeling great in that special gown. Underwear also has a huge part to play; a well-fitted bra gives the illusion of instant weight loss, while sculpting shapewear can flatten tummies and smooth lumps and bumps in a flash. Throw in a contouring spray tan treatment and check out our tips on looking great in your wedding photos then relax, and let your inner goddess shine through!

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