So You’re Planning A Stag Do..?

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Planning the party of the year is definitely one of the perks of being a best man! You want to give the groom a day (or weekend) he’ll always remember, and that his friends will talk about for years to come.  But believe it or not, the best stag parties don’t just happen… they need a lot of planning.  We’ve got some tips to get you started!

The Gang’s All Here

First of all you’ll need to figure out how many people to invite, and who they all are!  This is one aspect of the stag weekend you should definitely ask the groom about you might not know all his friends, and you definitely don’t want to risk forgetting someone and causing hurt feelings.

Another thing to think about is inviting the fathers and male family members it’s a nice gesture, but if they don’t seem like the partying type, they might prefer to come to whatever activities you have planned during the day, and give the evening shenanigans a miss.

Unlike the wedding invitations, invites to a stag night or weekend don’t have to be fancy or formal.  A simple group email or text will usually do the trick.

Timing Is Everything

Next you’ll want to think about when to have the stag night/weekend.  The night before the wedding is never a good idea nobody wants a killer hangover during the big day!  We’d recommend having the stag do at least two weeks before the wedding… that’s plenty of time for the groom’s eyebrows to grow back, or for him to find his way back from whatever farmer’s field he was last seen in!

Location, Location, Location

When you’re talking to the groom and his mates, be sure to get an idea of how much people are willing to spend, and remember that the groom’s costs are usually covered by the rest of the group.  That will give you an idea of what people can afford or will be willing to spend.  Then you can figure out where you’re off to!

Stag parties can be close to home in Ireland, further afield in Europe, or lavish affairs in destinations like Las Vegas or New York.  The important thing to keep in mind is the agreed upon budget.  If you’re planning on a weekend abroad, look for cheap flights and budget accommodation, and consider places with cheaper nights out.

Up To No Good?

Next up is what you’ll be getting up to.  Remember that this night/weekend is about the groom, so try to think of what he would enjoy doing.  With that said, it’s your job to make sure he has the time of his life (and gets teased and embarrassed of course!)

A typical stag do usually involves drinking and gambling.  And drinking.  Some guys have house parties, others hit the town for a big night out.  Popular activities for the daylight hours can include paintballing, rock-climbing, skydiving, quad-biking or surfing.

If you plan on a two night stag party, don’t overdo it on the first night and be so tired and hungover that you don’t have the stamina for the rest of the weekend.

Remember for all of these activities you’ll also need to think about how everyone’s going to get around (carpool / taxis / limo / bus) and where you’ll be staying (b&b / hostel / Hotel) and factor them into the budget.

And Finally…

Have a blast, send the groom off in style, and remember that what happens on the stag do stays on the stag do!

Oh yeah… and unlike in The Hangover… DON’T LOSE THE GROOM!

The Hangover

If you’ve planned a stag party before, and have some words of wisdom, leave a comment below…

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  1. Ciaran says:

    Yeah, definitely agree with not going to overboard on the first night. I’ve been on a couple of stag weekends, gone on a session on the first night, and then been completely wrecked for the rest of the weekend.

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