How To Solve Tricky Wedding Planning Situations

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Sometimes planning your wedding can be like running for election, there is lots of politics involved and you have to tread carefully. You will no doubt come across some of the following situations, and we hope with our help, you’ll be prepared and have one very big smile on your face come the big day!

1. Do you invite your work colleagues?

First things first, do you consider the people you work with your friends as well as your work colleagues? The answer to this will undoubtedly influence your decision. It can be incredibly hard to draw the line on your guest list, especially if your wedding day has been the talk of the office since you received your sparkler! What you really need to do is draw up a list of possible people to get the golden ticket to your day and work from there. Do you have space for everyone? And do you feel comfortable sharing the most special day of your life with them? Don’t be afraid not to invite everyone but be prepared for some office whispers once the invites come out!

We would suggest you let all your invited workmates exactly who from your workplace is going, just incase they start asking someone who’s not invited about their outfit!


2. Where do you seat divorced parents at your wedding?

This is a nightmare many couples face, especially if the parents involved do not get on. Two words- space and separate. Although you might think it’s your day and they should get on for the sake of you, in reality this could be a very bitter pill for each of your parents to swallow and at the end of the day, you want them to enjoy themselves as well.

At the ceremony your mum and her family should sit in the first row, whilst your dad should be seated in the second row. Or you could seat them in the same row with a few ‘neutral’ buffer guests in-between! At the reception give them a table each, with their partners or closest friends but make sure the tables are both the same distance from the top table- your wedding day is not the place to show favouritism!


3. Your future In-laws are taking over your wedding planning.

Many of us have been there, I know one bride who cancelled her whole wedding because her mother in law to be ordered her wedding cake without consulting her! In the end she jetted off to Cyprus and planned the day she wanted. Although this might seem harsh, it certainly stopped any arguments or disagreements over the wedding.

Communication is key to overcoming tricky situations arising. Sit down with your fiancé and work out what you want and where he and his family can help. If you give direct areas for your family in law to manage they will be delighted you’ve shared the important planning with them and are more likely to just get on with the task instead of causing problems. Your wedding day is when two families will come together so you really don’t want to start off on the wrong foot.


4. Your bridesmaid is not fulfilling her duties.

First off, chances are you picked your Maid of Honour or Chief Bridesmaid for a very good reason- they are your sister (who you are very close to) or, your very best friend who you can trust with your life. If this is the case and you find they’re not pulling their weight, surely you can sit them down and have a chat, but it is best to outline from the outset what you expect of them. Don’t go in all guns blazing with a list of areas they are failing, but instead explain that you are stressed and these areas need attention and could they please help you out. You could also ask your entire bridal party to help out, delegating tasks to their skills, this way everyone will be involved and it may just work out better than bombarding one person with everything.


We hope some of our suggestions gets you out of a sticky situation! If you’ve run up against a problem you’d like help with leave us a comment below and we’ll try to help!



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