Doing it Sorrento Style – Diary from a Real Irish Bride Planning her Wedding in Italy

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Greetings fellow Missies! Claire has asked me to share my pre-wedding tales on my exciting journey between now and my big day in May 2010.

So after 5 years together, Mr.M popped the question in December 2008 – a romantic Christmas day proposal, ring and all! 🙂 (also scored a bonus by telling my parents on Christmas eve and asking my girlfriends’ advice on the ring!)

Santa Maria Assunta church in Positano

We’re getting married in Italy – a religious cermony in the picturesque setting of Santa Maria Assunta church in Positano, followed by a reception in a sea front restaurant in Sorrento. We really can’t wait for the big day, it’s going to be amazing!

So far we have about 60 guests making the trip over. We’re keeping the invite list to close family and friends which will help in making it really special and intimate. With 16 weeks to the wedding now I can’t believe how quick the last year of our engagement has gone, perhaps I should have everything fully organised by now but I’m not there just yet!

Mr. M is getting a pretty easy ride on the wedding prep (consulted on all major decisions except on things where his opinion would be futile like what kind of flowers and colour scheme to decide on, oh and all things dress related!). Excitedly (and relievedly so) the dress has been ordered and is due in April for fittings. I bet you are thinking “hello January Sales!” in the bridal shops – I cut it a bit tight didn’t I?! You are right. I was entering nervously late territory desperately trying to shed a few more pounds before finding THE dress!

But all is now in order, I’ve picked a Maggie Sottero gown and I absolutely love it! To be honest I wasn’t sure if I would have that ‘eureka’ moment when searching for the dress, but it happened eventually and all bridesmaids and my mother instantly loved too! I just can’t wait to wear it now (please help me go easy on the carbs between now and May!).

How and ever, I’m still undecided on other major items like the bridesmaid dresses, menus, first dance song, church music and a few other items! I don’t think anyone really understands the amount of work involved in planning a wedding until you get to do it (and I’m lucky to have some local help in Italy too).

We have our prewedding course next week so I’m curious and a tad nervous of what that will be like – group therapy has never been my forté!  Although the lady taking the bookings has assured me it won’t be that bad! That’s just another €150 onto the ever increasing wedding budget. But what the hell – its a big celebration and I’ll hopefully only do it once! Check back here for updates on how the course goes!

I hope you guys are getting as excited as I am with all your wedding plans! Stay tuned to my wedding journey here on….  EDIT: READ MY NEXT DIARY ENTRY HERE

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6 thoughts on “Doing it Sorrento Style – Diary from a Real Irish Bride Planning her Wedding in Italy”

  1. Jen says:

    hey, I’m getting married in Italy too! Enjoyed reading this and looking forward to another update. 🙂

  2. hollyhunt says:

    Congrats on the engagement! Loved reading your blog post and good luck with the pre marriage course. 🙂

  3. July-2010 says:

    I’ve never been to Sorrento but wow what a cool place to be getting married! 🙂

    Great post, keep them coming!

  4. scdp says:

    loved reading that.

  5. EngagedJuly09 says:


    Sorrento is lovely. Was there last year with my h2b. Hope you have a fab wedding 🙂

  6. Alex says:

    fantastic, Positano is amazing – like all the Amalfi-Coast. Ravello is on the hill above and amazing place for guests to make a day trip to Villa Cimbrone romantic and the best views of the whole coast from the height.

    love reading your blog — thanks for sharing, it’s almost around the corner !!!

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