STOLEN! Have you seen this engagement ring?

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We have just received an urgent email from an engaged Missie. Understandably, she’s completely devastated that her engagement ring has been stolen.

You might be kind enough to spread the word by sharing this article in the hope that she might one day recover her ring.

Hi to all at Mrs2Be

I’m a huge fan of your Facebook page and website. Keep up the great work.

I’m writing this email today at my last attempt at hope of recovering my most prized possession, my engagement ring. My home was broken into and ransacked Wednesday night. They stole my handbag, my jewellery box and the ring. I am devastated and feel totally lost. We recently moved into rented accommodation and just hadn’t completed securing contents insurance.

All I have left is a couple of pictures and the description of the ring. If your team or even your readers could take a look and let me know if they have seen it for sale anywhere I would really appreciate it, (online or in pawn or elsewhere).

The ring is 18ct white gold, three large round diamonds in centre and a pave set diamonds on the shoulders. I have attached picture, the band with it is just a wedding band [that I] had tried on so it can be ignored.

It cost 3,000 euro two years ago and has a 1 carat in diamonds in total. A very expensive lesson learnt I know!

If I could track this down it would be an unbelievable feeling, so it’s worth a shot like a say. It’s the only piece I want back. The cost of replacing it will affect the wedding next September. I would do anything to get it back.

I thank you from the bottom of my heart if you could try to spread the word. I wish to have my name kept confidential if printed.

Thanks so much
A concerned bride to be


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  1. Sharon says:

    Hi I saw a post on the Meath crime prevention page that an engagement ring had been found so maybe the lady can pop into that page and have a look, fingers crossed it will be found

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