Summer or Winter – Which Bride Are You?

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Here at Mrs2Be we know that July, August and September are the most popular months to get married , with 39% of couples tying the knot during these summery months. With only 4% chilly January is clearly the least favourite, whilst June, October and December all fair pretty well in the popularity stakes.

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So armed with these figures, what kind of bride are you? Do you crave a balmy summers evening spent outdoors, or would you prefer a cosy, intimate celebration centred around a roaring fire? Each season has its benefits and weakness, so we have compiled a Pros and Cons list to help you decide on your wedding date.


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Summer Soiree 


Warmer weather- I’m not going to fool you into saying you will be suddenly gifted with the perfect day weather-wise because we are in Ireland after all, but during the summer the weather does warm up, even if the sky is full of rain clouds and your need for coats will be much greater than during the cold winter.

Photography- If you dream of idyllic wedding photos in a summer meadow or wildflower garden, these will only be around during the summer months, so don’t miss out!

Make the most of the longer days- So technically they are still only 24 hours long, but the long bright evenings are ripe for the picking, especially if you are holding your wedding outside.

Go crazy with your theme- Summer weddings are just crying out for a quirky theme to the day! Whether it be an afternoon Mad Hatters tea party on the lawn, a pig on a spit in the middle of a field festival style or a surfers paradise event of the beach, summer is a cool time to get married!



Too hot?- Yes, it is Ireland, but amazingly hot days to sometimes happen, and there is nothing more uncomfortable that being dressed up to the nines in all your finery and sweating your way through a wedding! Heat stroke can also happen quickly, so if you are having an outdoor do make sure you have a cool, covered area for guests (children especially) to relax and have a cold refreshment.

Photography- Bear in mind people have a tendency to squint in the bright sun so find a shady spot for your wedding photographs!

Clashing dates- Because the kids will be off school you could run up against some of your guests holidaying on the same date as your big day. Make sure to send out Save The Date cards as early as possible to your guests so that they won’t miss out.

Less choice? Higher prices?- The summer months are the most popular therefore if you have your mind made up on a certain supplier, hotel etc you need to be on the ball with these, as they could possibly already be booked. Certain things will be more expensive during these months, but by the same token items such as your wedding dress will not cost anymore just because of what date your wedding is on.


winter wedding

Winter Wonderland


Out of season costs- Winter is not as busy, some suppliers even term it as ‘out of season’ therefore they have reduced rates for you to make the most of! As there is less competition you may also have a greater choice of suppliers, venues etc.

Lighting up the day- If you are keen on creating an atmosphere for your guests this can be so easily done during the winter with clever lighting. Even the glow from a wood fire will add warmth in the air.

Don’t sweat- The groom is unlikely to be starting at the top of the aisle sweating buckets, whilst the bride’s make up should not run all thanks to the cooler weather.

Go to town on decor- Whether it’s Christmas or New Year, early spring or Halloween you can really pick up some excellent accessories for your big winter wedding. Sparkle and shimmer? No problem, will fit right in!! You can also serve festive drinks to keep your guests cosy.



Oh no, snow!- For some it is a dream, for others a nightmare! If you plan on marrying in your family church thats up a winding 10 mile uphill lane, please please don’t go for a winter wedding! And if you do make sure you have alternative transport on standby for your guests who don’t drive a snow proof vehicle!

Extra layers- Remember you will have to purchase extra layers for the bridal party, such as wraps and outdoor footwear etc, which could prove expensive.


We’d love to hear your comments on why you chose your wedding date?



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