The Perfect Smile: Teeth Whitening At Home

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From the moment you wake until you fall asleep on your wedding day, the likelihood is you will always have a big smile on your face. If smiling is something you’re not that keen on because of your teeth, it’s time to sort out those pearly whites.

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If you don’t fancy a trip to the dentist or the price tag that comes with it, why not DIY and try an at home teeth whitening kit? Thankfully the days of scrubbing your teeth with neat peroxide are long gone!

I had a family wedding recently, and I knew I’d be required for a few photographs. A few weeks beforehand I took a look at my teeth and decided (probably because of too much red wine…) they needed a quick pick me up. I didn’t have time to visit my dentist and have their moulds formed etc, nor did I have the budget for the quick laser fix, so I headed to the internet. After a little searching I decided on the Pearlys Smile Box.

Smile Box Teeth Whitening Kit

Here’s what I thought…

Two weeks after using the three products in the Smile Box, I have to say I definitely had cleaner, whiter and sparklier teeth! The box comes with three products, a weekly teeth brightening powder (which tastes a little weird at the beginning), a daily teeth whitening foam (which you use on top of your normal toothpaste daily) and the teeth whitening pen.

Using the Smile Box for two weeks was not obtrusive and time-consuming and it really did leave me pleased I had chosen it. Upon using it I knew the results were not going to be the same as a dentist’s procedure, but I was totally happy with the feeling and appearance of my teeth. I’m happy to report, I did plenty of smiling at my little brother’s wedding!!

Keep Your Teeth In Tip Top Condition

You should never aim to have just white teeth, they need to be in good condition too – remember what your mum said, you only get the one set!

The four main things to remember when looking after your teeth are brushing properly twice a day, flossing daily, eating fewer sugary foods and regular dental checks.

Foods To Avoid

No matter if you are going for an at home treatment, or heading to the dentist, whitening your teeth can make them sensitive. For a short period after the whitening process there are certain foods you should avoid, or your hard work could soon come undone!

– Dark coloured drinks including tea, coffee, carbonated drinks and red wine.

– Spices that stain, such as saffron and turmeric.

– Acidic foods such as lemons, oranges and limes etc, as well as pickles and vinegar.

– Heavily coloured foods such as blueberries, dark chocolate and sticky desserts.


So, that’s my tried and tested teeth whitening kit. You can get Pearlys Smile Box  in select pharmacies or is available online.


If you’ve had success with any teeth whitening kits, we’d love to hear from you – just leave a comment below.


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