Ten Fun Hen Party Games to Break the Ice!

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Whether you’re heading away for a weekend in the sun or simply living it up in your local town for the night, chances are you and your girls will get up to all sorts of crazy business over a few glasses of Prosecco.

Hen parties can be funny old things sometimes bringing together mates from all areas of your life that won’t necessarily know each other. Comical bride and groom themed party games are a great way to get everyone interacting and break the ice.

Today we’ve rounded up ten awesome hen party games that are sure to be a big hit on your hen night!

hen party games

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1. Mr and Mrs Quiz – The original and the best in our eyes, ask your chief bridesmaid to ask your groom a set off questions before the party (for extra lols film his answers!) and on the hen do ask the bride the same set of questions to see if they match up. Interesting and great craic to see how compatible they are – although it’s not an exact science!

2. The Gift Game – Ask each of the hens to choose a small gift for the bride that signifies their friendship. Whilst the bride is opening the gifts ,ask her to work out who each gift is from – plenty of barrel laughs and reminiscing will be had during this game.

3. Challenge the Bride – Set your bride a number of tasks or challenges to complete during the hen party. Things such as pull a pint or get a photo with a hot barman are easy enough and fun to watch.

4. The Wedding Dress Game – One that even little girls love and a firm favourite with hens, the toilet roll paper game is simple. Two teams each with one model and lots and lots of toilet roll to use to design a wedding dress.

5. The Ring Hunt – Hide plastic rings around your venue, the hen who can find the most wins a prize – simple! Happy hunting.

hen party games

Don’t forget to get your selfies in too! Instagram prop from Etsy

6. The Memory Game – Give each of your hens a post it note and ask them to write a funny or memorable story she shared with the hen. Once you’ve gathered them all up, get the bride to guess who each story came from.

7. Pass The Parcel – Kids love it so why shouldn’t we?! Change up the contents for something a little cheekier and enjoy the game like you’re five years old again.

8. Banned Words – Choose a few words that your hens aren’t allowed to say over the course of the night. Hard words like wedding, or the grooms name will be particularly tricky! Anyone who says the name has to do a forfeit.

9. Truth or Dare – Another firm favourite with kids, go around your group asking them to choose a truth or dare and watch the craziness begin!

10. How well do you know the groom? – Create a quiz with questions about the groom for the bride and hen party guest to answer. You never know, one of the girls might know him better!


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