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Wedding Dress Shopping
Wedding dress shopping… an experience indeed! But it’s not usually one that the groom is involved in. Wanting to plan their wedding their way, our blogging groom and his wife to be took this on together. 

Like all missies Bluefish Belle had an image in her head for quite some time as to how her wedding dress would look and she got straight to work on researching online, books, magazines and bridal boutiques to find THE dress.

With her own budget in mind she had spotted a number of contenders online but had a couple of trips to different boutiques just to get the feel and weight of a similar dress and to make sure the colour and style would suit her. One day she spotted an advert for a bridal boutique promotion on in Sligo town and asked me to join her. Now I know I know, I can already hear some of you scream but the groom can’t see the dress! but as you can tell from my previous posts we are not the typical bride and groom and we’re approaching this wedding in our own (different) way. I know the dress is highly regarded as the sole area of the bride only but with my already heavy involvement in all things wedding I thought why not and stepped up to the plate!

As I mentioned before she had gone to other places with her friends but as her mother & sister (bridesmaid) living in a different country it wasn’t as if she could have them attend with her. Plus as long as she was ok about it so was I. To be honest I did see her try on a quite a few dresses and although she did look beyond gorgeous and all princess like it is not going to be the same as when I see her for the first time on our wedding day, which again is quite different to the norm. We will be both getting ready in our own home, going to the church and walking up the aisle together. We firmly believe that we are in this together and what better way to start our new life together than walking up the aisle hand and hand as we prepare to exchange vows and become husband and wife. On the day she will have her hair done, the dress will have been fitted and altered, her make-up done, accessories etc. so I don’t think by seeing and being a part of these initial dress plans and ordering it is going to ruin the big reveal on the day!

So anyhow, back to the shop, once we arrived the sales assistant was extremely welcoming and friendly even though we had no appointment and said to hold on and she’d be with us shortly.  First we were told to wander around and look through the collections for 15 minutes and then she would be back and then can start trying on some of the ones that caught Bluefish Belle’s eye.

Wedding Dress Shopping

Now this was my first funny/awkward moment me being the only man in the shop already had me on edge slightly but when we entered what I can only call a world of lace, satin, sequences and diamantes   jaws and faces began to drop. I could tell that inside their own heads, each and every woman was shouting why is there a boy’ here? but anyway after about 10 mins of the initial up and down looks, everyone got on about their business and forgot I was there. In the mean time was being pulled over to the biggest (in my eyes), princess like and most importantly, sparkling of dresses. Typically it was the most expensive in the shop was her first choice (despite not even knowing the cost until after but I reckon she has an eye for these things hahaha). Once Bluefish Belle had a couple of which were similar and also of different style as the one she had ear marked on the internet she began the trying on process. I found the sales assistant extremely pleasant, very informative and beyond helpful and not at all put off by the fact that I, the groom 2 be, was involved and treated it like as if it was the normal thing which I must say put me right at ease.

I know I’m biased, but every dress she came out in was better than the last and she looked more beautiful and radiant each time until she tried on “the one (the same one as she liked online and the most expensive in shop). For a whole 5 seconds the shop and every other B2B stopped and turned, you could hear a pin drop and then the murmurs “oh she’s beautiful… that dress was made for her” etc etc. They were so nice with their comments and to be honest, right at that moment, I felt so proud and so so lucky that I was the man going to marry this beautiful vision. This particular dress was unfortunately only available in ivory and it would be 6 months. As Bluefish Belle wanted it in white, and had already more or less tagged the same dress online she wasn’t too heart broken, Upon leaving the shop Bluefish belle was very happy with the afternoons excursion with a beaming smile to boot, were as I was in need of a strong coffee and a cigarette!

So with dresses on her mind and also a little fear in what the sales assistant said about us cutting it fine & have left it late enough to look as delivery could be 6 months we headed home and ordered the one from

Before we confirmed our order I was wary about buying such an integral part of the wedding online so asked some other missies here on their thoughts and comments and most were very positive and to be honest the savings from buying off compared to a high street boutique could just not be passed by! With the order complete, to include a full length fur lined wedding coat as well as the dress to exact measurements (for a little extra cost) we sat back, delighted to have gotten another big thing ticked off the list and just had to wait on its arrival. The dress and coat arrived in less than four weeks of our order date in perfect condition and fitted like a glove, and to the delight of Bluefish Belle even more sparkly than expected. Bluefish belle was overly impressed with the quality and sheer detail in the dress and fitted perfectly I was more impressed with the customer service and fast delivery so from our positive experience would recommend for a look and the value was great too!

I know bringing your H2B shopping is not the best or most enjoyable thing to do at the best of times, never mind when it is for the dress, but I have to say, albeit a little apprehensive at the start it just seemed right and I suppose tied in nicely with the way we have approached everything else along the way in our wedding plans. I will always hold that memory of her bringing a shop full of strangers to a stand still for just a couple of split seconds but for those couple of seconds she really was (and is) my princess and I am so glad I was able to be a part of this normally sacred female-only part of the wedding plans.

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  1. Jenny S. says:

    Oh my God! I can’t believe you went wedding dress shopping with your fiancée! I couldn’t imagine my fiancé coming with me. Sounds like you had a great experience.

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