The Impossibly Beautiful Liz Martinez 2017 Collection

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We’re not over-exaggerating when we say that while checking out the new collection from Israeli bridal designer Liz Martinez we full-on swooned. In fact, what exactly happened was a *gasp* followed by the declaration – which was out loud, in Starbucks – “Well… These are just ridiculous!” And that they are. This is impossibly beautiful bridal, from the delicate and distinctive lace bodices to the lighter-than-air skirts… the feminine, sensuous, elegant silhouettes, the quirky embellishments (there are ostrich feathers, readers), the collars, the cuffs, the sleeves…

Liz Martinez is another couturier to come out of the bridal design hotspot that is Israel at the moment. Dubbed the ‘Cinderella’ of her peers due to her humble beginnings creating clothes from the corner of her mother’s apartment outside Tel Aviv, Liz’s passion and talent have none-the-less catapulted her into international recognition within the wedding industry.

Liz Martinez Stockists Ireland

Liz Martinez gowns are currently available in several countries around the world and exclusively in Ireland at The White Gallery in Newry.

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