The Language of Flowers

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Imagine walking up the aisle to marry the man of your dreams and being able to say to him in secret ‘I love you.’ Well you can, and you will, all through the flowers you are carrying, because they will say something!


Floriography, or the language of flowers dates back to the Victorian era, where various flowers and floral arrangements were sent with coded messages depending on the flowers used. This allowed people to express feelings that otherwise could not be spoken.


Kate Middleton famously carried a shower bouquet that included myrtle, lily of the valley, hyacinth and Sweet William. The flowers were chosen for their special meanings and significance to the Royal Family – lily of the valley signifies the return of happiness, hyacinth means constancy of love and ivy is for fidelity. Sweet William stands for gallantry and of course was to celebrate the groom.


If you would like your flowers to speak, take a look at our guide to what the most popular wedding flowers mean.


rose bridal bouquet


Every colour of rose has a different meaning, red means true love, pink stands for grace, lavender means love at first sight and red and white used together means united.

The Calla Lily has been related to the Greek goddess Hera with the word calla meaning beautiful. The calla lily however, represents rebirth and union.

Casablanca Lily represents celebration, whilst the orange lily means desire and the scarlet lily, high-souled aspiration.
Gardenia wedding bouquet

The Gardenia has several meanings all related to love – you’re lovely, secret love, joy, sweet love and good luck.

If you favour stunning hydrangeas, which are especially popular for spring and summer weddings, they have beautiful meanings including friendship, devotion and understanding.

Lilacs are very popular pretty wedding flowers. The purple lilac signifies the first emotion of love, whilst the white lilac means youthful innocence and memories.


If like Kate you choose Lily of the Valley, this sweet little flower means trustworthy, sweetness, humility and returning happiness.

Orchids are truly elegant and beautiful flowers and their meaning is just that, refined beauty.

Loved because of their vivid colours and modern appearance, gerbera daisies mean cheerfulness and innocence.

Whlte & Pale Pink Tulip Wedding Bouquet

Just like roses, the different colours of tulips have different meanings. Red stands for undying love, purple means forever love, white signifies one side love (maybe not right for a wedding!) and cheery yellow means hopeless love!


Of course, there are soooo many other types of flowers used in wedding bouquets, but we think this list is some of the most popular. Why not work out what secret message your wedding bouquet will say?


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