House of Fraser – Tips for choosing bridesmaid dresses

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Heading to the shops on the hunt for the perfect bridesmaid dress? Make sure you read our top tips to ensure your trip is stress-free and successful!

Do… choose a style that suits all


It’s really important that you choose a bridesmaid dress that suits all of your girls’ shapes. If they’re not comfortable in their dresses, they could lack confidence in photos and feel self-conscious.

When searching for dresses, look for a shape that flatters all. For example, when choosing a strapless dress, make sure it has detachable straps for larger busts that need a little more support. If this isn’t possible, you may have to choose styles that are slightly different or have them altered accordingly.

Do… experiment with contrasting colours


An increasing number of brides are experimenting with their bridesmaid dresses. A really popular trend that works well with most wedding types is contrasting colours. For example, pairing a few soft pink gowns with darker or brighter shades is a great way to add a traditional twist to your day. It also means you can choose shades that will complement your girls’ skin tones, helping them look even more radiant!

Don’t… forget about the high street


There was a time when bridesmaid dresses could only be bought from specialist wedding shops — and often for a rather princely sum! However, times have changed and an increasing number of high street retailers are now creating beautiful wedding-friendly dresses.

Department stores are a great option, as they often carry an elegant selection of sophisticated dresses that would be ideal for your ladies. House of Fraser, for example, has a huge range of bridesmaid dresses in a wide selection of colours and styles, so there’ll be something to suit all tastes.

Don’t… blow your budget


It’s easy to fall in love with a dress that’s way out of your price range. You may even feel like you have to buy the dress as it’s the ‘only option’ that will keep everyone happy. However, spending too much on your bridesmaid dresses could leave you out of pocket and mean you have to scrimp on other aspects of your big day.

Before you go, work out how much you can realistically spend, factoring in aspects like hair, makeup and shoes too. Your bridesmaids should respect your budget and not try to pressure you into spending more.

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