Twenty Things: Your Wedding To-Do List

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We think it’s never too early to join the wedding planning gang so today we’re sharing our top tips for what you can get sorted ASAP! With a ring on your finger and what feels like the whole world praising you, wedding planning can seem like a very daunting task. It’s not, it’s so much fun you just need to take it one step at a time.

Wedding to do list

On your marks, get set, go!

1. Celebrate your engagement – an important one that can be forgotten when you enter a wedding planning frenzy!

2. Set a date – easier said than done we know, but if the date suits your ceremony choice and venue, we say go for it.

3. Set your budget – your final amount will be a main deciding factor in every other choice you make so pay attention to it.

4. Choose your bridal party – think twice before you speak 😉

5. Decide on number of guests and draw up a first draft guest list – remembering to ask your parents advice on this one, for everyones sake.

6. Choose your ceremony and reception locations and book – yes, with that date your just decided on.

7. Consider hiring a wedding planner and book if your decide to use one – if budget allows and you’re both full time workers, this will help a lot, trust us.

8. Send save the date cards to guests travelling from overseas, or if your wedding is durning a celebration or public holiday such as St. Patricks Day or Christmas.

9. Choose and book your photographer, videographer and entertainment. The key to all three things is that you love their style and can listen to them for an entire day!

10. Shop for and order your wedding dress and accessories. No biggie… Haha, we know this will be one of your favourite things to do, so make sure you have fun with it.

11. Apply for your marriage license – so it’s all official, like.

12. Choose your bridal and grooms party attire – let the diplomacy begin.

13. Book your florist – because flowers are the prettiest part.

14. Organise your wedding transport – to make sure you’re there on time.

15. Book guest accommodation at your venue, or nearby – or advise guests of where they can stay if alternative accommodation is required.

16. Choose and order your wedding cake – you’ll enjoy this part, who doesn’t love cake tasting?!

17. Order wedding rings and arrange to have your engagement ring cleaned closer to the big day.

18. Choose your gift list – if you’re looking for money, dream of what you’ll purchase.

19. Plan, price and book your honeymoon – even if it’s only down the road, make it memorable.

20. Plan and book any extra music and entertainment including ceremony performers.

With that little list we’re guessing you’ll be well on your way to wedded bliss!


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