Wedding Anniversary Gifts by Year

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wedding anniversary gifts

With the rings firmly on your fingers and your Big Day a distant memory it’s nice to celebrate your wedding anniversary each year. Whether it’s a big or small gesture, simply marking the occasion with a card, gift or nice meal together will let you remember the day you had and all the adventures you’ve had since. 

From wood to copper, each year comes with a different gift to buy your spouse so if you want top marks, read on for the iconic symbols of love to gift your Mr or Mrs each year from one to seventy! 

1st: Paper

2nd: Cotton

3rd: Leather 

4th: Linen or silk

5th: Wood

6th: Iron or sugar

7th: Wool

8th: Bronze

9th: Pottery 

10th: Tin 

11th: Steel

12th: Silk

13th: Lace

14th: Ivory

15th: Crystal

20th: China

25th: Silver

30th: Pearl

40th: Ruby

50th: Gold

60th: Diamond

70th: Platinum

If you prefer to keep it fresh there’s a floral gift guide too!

1st: Carnation

2nd: Lily of the Valley

3rd: Sunflower

4th: Hydrangea

5th: Daisy

6th: Calla

7th: Freesia

8th: Lilac

9th: Bird of paradise

10th: Daffodil

11th: Tulip

12th: Peony 

13th: Chrysanthemum

14th: Dahlia

15th: Rose

20th: Aster

25th: Iris

28th: Orchis

30th: Lily

40th: Gladiolus

50th: Yellow rose 


*Information from Wikipedia

Image from Not on the High Street 

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