What a Day – BluefishJD’s Wedding Planning Diary

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BluefishJD's Wedding

Well, after a fabulous day, and a mini moon to Barcelona, our blogging groom is back for his final post, but this time as a married man.

I’m back and officially a husband! Near one month on and I’m still smiling from ear to ear. The day itself couldn’t have gone any better – Bluefish Belle was a vision and even more beautiful than I could ever imagined and most importantly we both genuinely thoroughly enjoyed ourselves –  no nerves, no panic, no stress and all went so smoothly. 

Many guests commented on how natural and happy we looked and this can be partly put down to the fact that we had ourselves well organised and all wedding elements were well in place before the big day (despite a few unnecessary panic bouts and double checking myself, which to be fair is normal and par for the course when planning a wedding). So we quite literally had nothing to worry about on the day bar get all dolled up! I even managed to hoover the house whilst Belle did a number of heads (my wife is a hairdresser so even on her wedding day she but her skills to work obviously not on her own hair though) but that’s what we liked about the whole day – it was just so relaxed and we stuck to the one thing Belle said “let’s just enjoy ourselves and make sure we have a good day the rest will fall into place and once guests see us relaxed and having the craic so will they” and craic they had!

Our Special Touches

All our hard work and time on giving our wedding our own stamp and doing a lot DIY elements really paid off and just as I thought gave the overall day a more sentimental value to us and also got great reaction from our guests who noted all that we had done to not only make our wedding a day for us to remember but also create a guest wedding as I called it and let them know that they were invited to share in our joy on this day as they really meant a lot to us and we are so glad that they are a part of our lives and wanted them to feel involved in our intimate affair rather than a number. A more detailed report of our big day can be read in the reports section of the discussion forum so check it out.

From a groom’s perspective looking back over the last year since our planning began I can honestly say that I really enjoyed the wedding planning process and so glad that I was so heavily involved in our DIY, traditional bits mixed with non-traditional bits, dual culture wedding.

From wedding dress shopping, wedding reception décor and extra finishing touches to the music and invitations I was there, whether it was to make the actual bookings and haggle with the suppliers, research decoration designs and flowers to ordering the wedding dress itself I just rolled up my sleeves and took on this non traditional groom role and I tell ya – all the better I am for it  – as it really got me excited and gave me the feeling of being involved in my own wedding, rather than the stereotypical groom’s job/contribution of just turning up! And I just feel the need to say… rest assured lads it’s not all bad and I can highly recommend getting stuck in to planning your wedding. As a couple, although very close before all this, we found our relationship grow even stronger during this planning process, especially when we were tackling pew decorations or putting together our wedding favours on a cold winter’s evening in front of a roaring fire. And I know flowers and colour schemes ain’t everyone’s cup of tea and I never dreamt that I would be planning a wedding but due to necessity and the fact that I was the local so had more pull, I found myself in this planner role but any doubts rapidly fade away when you see it all come together on the day and best of all you have the knowledge that you helped create this fantastic day that celebrates you and your other half becoming husband and wife.

My Final Farewell

I want to take this time to thank Claire and all at Mrs2be.ie firstly for creating such a fantastic and informative site and forum and aiding to create a community of genuine, friendly soon 2 be brides and for allowing me to relay the wedding planning process from my, the groom’s, perspective and a special thank you to all you missies on the forum, bursting with knowledge, advice and kind words when they were needed. I don’t think I could have accomplished all that I did without the help of the many missies on the forum who responded to my silly questions or helped with certain issues so a sincere thank you and I only hope that you enjoyed reading this blog series and following me on my journey, and that you may have got a tip or two along the way and an insight of wedding planning from the groom’s perspective!

Again many thanks. BluefishJD


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