When Disaster Strikes – Wedding Insurance Claims Revealed

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Eh, we don’t mean to scare you here, but we didn’t realise just how many things could go disastrously wrong when planning a wedding. And we’re not just talking about a snag in your dress here! Weddinginsurance.ie has recently revealed the top reasons for policy claims during 2013 and some of the claims will make you think twice about protecting the biggest day of your life.

Somebody using your wedding reception as an opportunity to steal from you isn’t the nicest thought, but unfortunately it happens. 17% of wedding insurance claims in 2013 were made due to the theft of cash gifts at wedding receptions. Among these claims was one bride who had her iPhone 5 taken from her purse plus €3,800 in cash gifts stolen from her wedding reception. Can you even imagine how that would feel?!

Aside from theft, 25% of couples made claims following the insolvency of a supplier such as a hotel or a bridal shop, while 16% claimed due to a death of a close family in the weeks leading up the wedding.

Here’s what went wrong for the rest of this unlucky bunch:

• 25% – Insolvency of a supplier

• 17% – Theft of cash gifts at a wedding reception

• 16% – Death of close relative in the weeks before the wedding

• 8% – Booked venue unable to hold the wedding

• 8% – Illness of the bride/groom

• 7% – Redundancy of the bride/groom or someone contributing to the cost of the wedding

• 19% – other claims

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