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Wedding Photographer

From BluefishJD’s last post about choosing the wedding venue you’ll be up to speed and know he has the date, church and venue in the bag and with a little break in the planning process it was time to get back into gear and start looking at suppliers & services he and his bride would need to pull this wedding off. His first port of call was the wedding photographer

I have to be honest, initially we were a bit put off by the huge cost and I know as a professional offering a service myself that professional wedding photographers’ cost reflects their level of experience, skill, business expenses and their time not only on the day but in the editing suite after and hats off to them. A good photographer is worth his weight but in some cases we were looking at 2 months mortgage repayments just for photos which was a no go. Even some of the CD only packages were quite on the steep side keep in mind I had started this process with a budget figure in my head and as we were paying for all this ourselves and want a life after our big day I had to be realistic.

Our Photographer Search

Knowing that we had not one but two semi-pro photographers (one who specialises in reportage photography which is what we wanted) on our guest list we knew we had a back up plan in those if all else was to fail. But the search continued, and as I consider myself an alright amateur photographer myself with a keen eye I knew what I was looking for. But then it happened… as like all these things by pure chance I came into contact with a local start-up photographer via work I had seen some of her work previously, not knowing that it was her’s and was impressed. She had been working as an assistant photographer for a larger studio since finishing college, working mostly on weddings and portraits but had yet to do a full wedding on her own and was now breaking out on her own, starting her own business. So after a bit of chatting and bit of negotiating, we had our photographer.

At one of our meetings we went through her portfolio and her style was exactly what we were looking for I knew that Bluefish Belle and I would not take too kindly to constantly standing and posing and smiling (you know those fake, forced smiles as you’ve been posing for so long your jaw hurts… just not us). We wanted a very reportage approach (with just a few of the typical generic have to be done poses bare minimum) to capture our day and not only do we know she will achieve this but she couldn’t be nicer! I’m very excited for her to shoot our wedding, we already feel comfortable with her and she is so friendly so one thing we definitely don’t have to worry about on the day is did the photographer get that?”!

Our Guest Photographers!

Going back to our photographic guests they have since approached us and said they’d love to capture the day in their own way as well as having the professional photographer there (which she is fine with too) and one of them gave me a great idea. He suggested writing a little note of welcome to our guests with a special request of passing on their photos to us via CD so as we can really capture our day from every angle! I love it – so we will have such a fantastic variety of shots now (I’d say the table ones towards the end of the night will be the funniest). I can’t wait to start creating our album…which I plan on designing myself.

Next on our checklist that we started looking at was the music side of things which I will get into next time here on so don’t forget to check it back again….

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