Wedding Photography 101

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If choosing your perfect wedding photographer is on your ever growing to-do list, today we’re sharing some of our secrets to make that process as easy as pie! 

When the Big Day is done and you sit at home as Mr and Mrs, your wedding photos will be the one thing you can easily look back on to remember the day so of course choosing the best photographer for you is a must. We’re going above and beyond today sharing some of our tricks and advice that will hopefully make sure your day is captured in style and those photos will hang on your walls with pride. 

1. Go for a photographer that suits your style.

One of the most important steps in getting great wedding photos. You should love not only your photographers photography style but also connect with their personality – you are going to be with them for a large portion of your wedding day after all! If you feel comfortable around your photographer, your photos will look comfortable. 

2. Trust your photographer.

Giving your chosen photographer your trust will make them really happy! They are the professionals, they do this every day and have been at a heck of a lot more weddings than you so believe they will capture your Big Day perfectly. 

3. Weather.

Yes of the weather could play a big part in your wedding portraits! Whilst a beautifully sunny day would be great, it is after all Ireland so you should be prepared for the possibility of rain. We think rainy days create their own kind of magical photos but be ready to change up your location for shots, have umbrellas on the side or just go with it and dance in the rain! 

4. Traditions. 

If you want to stick to traditions by all means go for it, but don’t feel you have to. Those formal family line up shots don’t have to happen if you don’t want to, your photographer will be able to snap relaxed, natural shots just as well. 

5. Dream big. 

If there is a location nearby that means a lot to you – it could be castle ruins where you got engaged or the beach when your guy proposed – why not head away from the reception venue and have some photos taken there? Dream big and broaden your horizons, your photographer will love you for it! Just remember to factor the time element into your day. 

6. Time. 

Your Big Day will whizz by at an incredibly fast pace so try to make the most of every second. To ensure things run smoothly, aim to be there on time and ask one of your maids or a member of the grooms party to be official timekeeper for the day! 

7. Winter weddings. 

It’s Ireland, we all know during the winter the hours of daylight are limited which can really affect your time for photographs. Take this into account when planning your ceremony, an earlier start is the easiest way to make the most of the daylight hours. 

8. Enjoy yourself. 

On the day, forget you’re being photographed and just enjoy yourself! Your photos will look all the more natural and relaxed. 

9. Print your photos! 

When you receive your digital photos spend time printing them out, really nothing makes a photographer sadder than having your wedding photos locked inside a USB stick! 

(Photos of Yvonne & Daniel’s wedding by Eavan McLoughlin Photography)

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