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It’s your wedding day, all eyes are on you, and you want your skin to behave and make sure you are glowing! To have skin like this you need to put in the work – long term. Crystal clear skin is not a five minute job, you need to get yourself a beauty regime, if you haven’t already got one that is!

Looking After Your Skin For Your Wedding

Many of us wouldn’t admit to not having a beauty regime, a quick wipe over with a flannel is all we have time for, but if you really want to look radiant from the inside out on your big day, preparation is key!

It’s never too late to start a new beauty chapter in your life, so whether you have two years, six months or six weeks until your wedding day, set aside six minutes every morning and night to preen and primp your face.


The Basics

We all have different skin types, from dry to oily and normal to combination. If you haven’t the faintest idea of your skin type you should visit a beauty counter or ask your beautician, or if you’ve only got a minute, try Clinque’s online skin care consultation. They will be able to look at your skin and prescribe what type of products are best suited to you.

You should use a three step daily skincare routine – cleanser, toner and moisturiser. This will help to condition your skin, keep levels of hydration right and reduce excess oil production, as well as reduce breakouts, open pores and dry and flaky skin. Moisturiser is so important and will protect your skin from everyday elements which cause ageing. There is no better time to start a beauty regime than right now! If you are a complete novice it can take around two months for your skin to get used to all this new pampering and for it to begin to show the benefits.


Counting Down

Around a month before the big day you should start using a facial mask once a week, this will give it a great boost. There are several types on the market – hydrating, radiance or deep pore cleansing – your skin type will dictate which type you use.

Facial peels are very popular and can be done both at home or in beauty salons. A peel will help remove a layer of skin revealing brighter and younger skin. If you have had previous facial peels, you can have one up to two weeks before your big day. However, if this is your first time, get it a month before the wedding just in case of any bad reactions.

A week before your wedding you should add a daily gentle exfoliator to your beauty regime, which will really help give your skin a flawless look and leave you ready for all those camera lenses!

Can’t decide what products to go for? Have a look at what beauty treats we are loving!

Beauty recommendations from mrs2be.ie

clockwise from top right:

triple oxygen instant energising cleansing foam by Bliss  | Nude purify toning water | palmarosa revitalising face mask  from Cowshed | Clinique‘s dramatically different moisturising gel | the microdelivery triple-acid brightening peel from Philosophy | modern friction exfoliator by Origins.


Have you started a special skincare routine in preparation for your wedding? 

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    I’m a huge fan of Clinique, but my regime has slipped a bit lately – really need to get back on track.

    Can’t wait to treat myself to some facials in the run up to the wedding!

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