What Should The Bride Wear The Day After The Wedding?

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So the vows have been said, the toasts have been made and the first dance has been awkwardly danced (and then some). You’ve worn that perfect dress after searching for it for months. And then you wake up on your first day as a Mrs, Day Two of your wedding celebration, with a terrifying thought: just what the flip am I gonna wear?!

Most weddings these days last for at least two days; three day celebrations aren’t unheard of, either (or even week-long fiestas for a certain hardy few). On Day Two, you might be having a relaxed extra-long hotel brunch with your nearest and dearest, you might be having a BBQ and danceathon in a 19th Century barn, or a full roast dinner in your marquee. The possibilities are endless. And so are the outfits.


Whatever you decide to do to keep the party going, you’re going to want to be comfortable. Chances are, your wedding day itself got the full heels-and-Spanx treatment, and I have yet to meet a woman who can survive more than 24 hours in corset-strength hosiery so you might want to dress down a little. That said, you’re still The Bride – and your guests will still be exciting to see what you pick to wear. You’ll want to look and feel great, no matter what.

Like most of us, you’ll probably have been planning your wedding for a long time – and the last few weeks in the run-up to the big day will probably have been super stressful. Day Two will be the first time in a long time that you can relaxed with your new husband and your family and friends.


So comfort is crucial – but that doesn’t mean you’re restricted to jeans and Converse trainers. What about a simple black jumpsuit? Great for lounging around and still looking great. And don’t forget that a few eye-catching pieces of statement jewellery will make any outfit instantly more stylish.

Whatever you decide to wear, remember that it might be a good deal chillier than you’re expecting (at least, if you’re getting married at home it will be). There’s nothing worse than picking the perfect outfit and then covering it up with a last-minute parka you picked up at home because you’ve got nothing else with you. Instead, plan for a colder snap and pick up a chic blazer to keep those shoulders covered.

And finally, remember that there’s nothing like online to take the hassle out of shopping. If you’re still undecided about what to wear for Day Two, don’t waste your pre-wedding time traipsing around the High St – instead, you can shop from the comfort of your couch with Irish site Opsh.com. They’ve got all your favourite brands, and you can buy your entire outfit from different shops in just a few clicks – what could be easier?

Best of luck on the big day and happy shopping!

Thanks to Opsh for sharing this with us.

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