What To Do The Week Before Your Big Day!

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It’s the final countdown…. (sing it!) 

Yes, all those months and months, and maybe even years of planning have passed and now here you are with a week to go before you say I do. But what do you actually really need to do? Well, panic is not an option, nor is turning into a last minute Bridezilla! Today we’ve shared our secrets to make sure your week before prep is organised and under control.

Your suppliers

– Make one last phone call to confirm everyone is ready for your day.

– Complete any payments that need to be made before the day and prepare envelopes of payment to be handed out on the day, give these to the Best man or Maid of honour to deliver.

– Send suppliers such as your florist a schedule of the day so they know when they can remove, transfer flowers.

– Give any on the day suppliers a contact name and number (again Best Man, Maid of Honour or good friend) for any emergencies that might come up.

Your reception

– Give your wedding planner a final list of numbers and the table plan.

– Make up boxes of decor for each table so the venue can easily set them up. The boxes should include table name/numbers, place cards, menus, favours, decorations, candles etc.

– Advise your planer on what is to happen to decor at the end of the night. Is there anything that can be thrown out, or will you collect it all?

– Collect cake, or make sure your cake supplier is all set for setting up.

Your bridal party

– Give them a checklist- have they got their underwear, jewellery etc and shoes worn in?

– Pack an overnight bag for the wedding night, include next day outfit- lots of brides like to wear white again!

–  Confirm hair and makeup artist.

– If you’re heading off on honeymoon shortly after the wedding, pack your honeymoon suitcase.

– Remove all stickers from bottom of shoes! This goes for bride, groom and all attendants! Also remove any tags from clothes.

The night before

– Do one last check that you have everything you will need and then relax, take it easy and get ready for the best day of your life!

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