What Your Groom Should & Shouldn’t Be Wearing in 2019

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We share lots and lots (and lots!) of amazing wedding dresses here on Mrs2be.ie, and not enough groomswear. Well, today we’re going to try to put that right as we let you in on the secrets of what your groom should and shouldn’t be wearing to your Big Day in 2019. 

Grooms suits

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Your groom should be wearing…

– A sophisticated three-piece suit. Think sharp and slim-fitting for a sleek ceremony look. As the day progresses the jacket can be removed to reveal a more relaxed waistcoat look. Be sure to tuck your sleeve up for extra relaxed points! 

– Bright, bold and statement are all buzzwords for 2019 weddings and that goes right through to the grooms look too, if he’s brave enough! If your guy wants his look to do the talking an ink blue, moss green or burgundy suit will do just that. 

– One shade suits all. For a cohesive look the groom should stick to the same shade as his grooms party. You can change up the look so your man stands out with different ties or shirts, but keep the majority the same. 

– Keep it fitted. Slim fitting suits are the way to go in 2019. From top to toe, your groom should choose slim or tapered trousers and a slim jacket to give definition to the shoulders and chest area that looks super smart and masculine. 

Your groom shouldn’t be wearing… 

– Trainers! The days of wearing Converse with your suit are over. A smart pair of loafers will look so much smarter. Remember your footwear goes a long way to telling you about the man wearing them so go for style over comfort on the Big Day. 

– Loose or ill fitting shirts. Don’t ruin the sharp and sleek look of your slim fitting suit with an oversized shirt, make sure it’s just as well cut and fitted. 

– Plain socks. Show your personality with a snazzy pair of socks! 

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