Writing (And Saying!) Your Own Wedding Vows

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Writing your own wedding vows

As everything with weddings continue to change and styles move on, so to do some traditions. Today, more than ever, couples are choosing to write and say their own very personal wedding vows to their betrothed, opting out of the ’till death do us part’ and going with the ‘I will love you more each day of our lives.’ If you like the idea of constructing your own vows to your other half, but are a little lost at where to begin, today we have some handy tips to get your vows right.


Choosing to say vows you have written is a brave step on your wedding day, remember, each and every guests ear will suddenly stand up when they realise you’ve not gone with tradition, so the pressure to get them right, to get them really right and meaningful, loving, sentimental and perfect, is huge!

Writing your own wedding vows

Rule one, make sure both you and your other half are both truly happy with your decision to write your own vows, otherwise, it’s not really fair on the one who’s afraid of it! Talk it through at length, and bare in mind you will have to stand in front of all your guests and say your really personal feelings of love to the person you are marrying – your wedding day is not the day to shy away from public displays of affection! At this stage you should also discuss writing your vows together, maybe this will help you both.

Give yourself plenty of time. Chances are you will set aside a time to write your vows, only to find once that time comes along, the words won’t! You really don’t want to be stressing the eve of your wedding to get your vows written, so set yourself a realistic timeframe. If you decide not to write your vows together, at least choose to work to a smilier structure, such as ‘I promise to…’ This will give you a good starting point.

Writing your own wedding vows

Consider the details, every tiny detail. Think about what it is you value from your partner the most, and what they appreciate most in you, maybe this represents your relationship overall? Write about these things and then, the biggie, what will your continue to work on after the wedding? It might seem like the wrong place to work on any relationship flaws, but promising to stick at it, through everything your future will hold is a great message to give your other half.

Writing your own wedding vows

Your wedding vows do not have to be totally serious, if you want to inject some humour, go for it! If you want to tell your other half you promise to wash his grubby football socks no matter how bad they smell, go for it! But remember, ultimately your wedding vows are just for you and your partner. Yes, all ears will be on you but it is with your partner that you are sharing and making these vows to. On your wedding day you want your vows to sound like you, not someone else so think them through strongly, don’t be afraid to scrap an idea and start again and just focus on the love and happiness that you’ll soon be a Mrs!!


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