Anyone out there doing Insanity?

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5 years ago
Okay, so I've been trying to lose a little extra weight before the big day and keep it off. I've always been pretty health conscious, but I'll be the first to admit I've got a sweet tooth and the Holidays are always a bit of a backslide for me. Normally I don't mind getting back on track at my own pace, but with the wedding approaching I'm nervous about fitting into my dress and the stress is making me snack even more :/

My sister was able to lose some weight before a cruise last year with Tony Horton's p90 program, and she just finished up p90x about a month or so ago (…" href="…" target="_blank">…).

So now after digging around Beachbody's site and reading a few of the reviews for their Insanity program (…" href="…" target="_blank">…) I think I want to try it for myself.

Have any of you ladies done Insanity yourselves? I'd love to hear from someone who made it through the program.
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5 years ago
What's insanity @beachybride?
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5 years ago
+1 following this!
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5 years ago
I've just got insanity and I'll be starting it soon! Don't know anyone who has done it so hopefully it'll work !

@2ndtime: it's a full-on workout programme. I think it's an hour a day and it's meant to be really tough. Fingers crossed I can handle it!
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4 years ago
Insanity is amazing - I am a firm believer and I have been attending classes for about a month so far.

You work very hard but you walk away (stumble away) knowing you have had a great workout - would thoroughly recommend!