Bridesmaid Problems

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3 years ago
Hi Ladies

I got engaged a year ago and my man wanted 3 groomsmen, so naturally enough I am having 3 bridesmaids. I asked two of my friends and my older sister. I must begin by saying that the only reason I asked my sister was because my mother wanted me to - she's never been a bridesmaid and I was hers.

I really regret it now. My sister isn't the easiest person to get on with in general; she is very childish and has a bad temper. She also is convinced she is right all the time about everyone and gets a perverse delight about making others feel bad about themselves - for example, when I found out I couldn't have children and she told everyone I was making it up for the attention and then made me feel bad about not being able to do the one thing all women can do.

Things between the two of us have been building to a head for a while now. My mother is under extreme stress at the moment - she is taking care of my grandfather and I think she is suffering depression since her mother died last year, as between one thing and another she never really got personal time to grieve her loss and come to terms to it.

Last weekend, I was meant visit my sister's house and do arts and crafts with her children. It ended with me being half an hour late due to circumstances out of my control and a series of vicious texts and phone-calls designed to make me feel like absolute crap, followed by a ban on coming to the house anymore. She is now spreading rumours about me behind my back, that I am incredibly selfish and couldn't give a shit about anyone.

I am incredibly angry at her and also incredibly hurt right now. Its not like I don't know what she is like, or it's the first time  but she is my sister. I haven't spoken to her since and I have decided I don't want her to be my bridesmaid anymore. She causes too much trouble. But it's delicate.

Has anyone got any advice on how to un-ask a bridesmaid???????

I'm sorry for the rant, it's been bubbling up all week :-(