Butterfly Brides Limerick - Dresses not delivered

user for 4 years
4 years ago
Hi All,

Has anyone any recent experience with Butterfly Brides in Limerick?

I ordered two bridesmaids dresses in May and paid at time of "Ready for dispatch" in mid August.

Initially the dresses seemed to be slightly delayed, but I had time. Over the last couple of months I was assured on multiple occassions they would arrive, but again they did not.

Today was my latest deadline, and now I cannot get in contact with the owner, the shop has moved, and the Facebook site is down. My wedding is in 3 weeks, and I live abroad...

I understand this does not look promising for me, but if anyone had a similar situation with this company, or has updated information I would love to hear from you.


One Worried Bride,



user for 6 years
4 years ago
Just saw on facebook from another bridal shop(the little white dress,bridal salon) that Bufferfly brides closed down and told nobody, Sorry to be the bearer of bad news... hope you can get everything sorted