Buying "Chinese" Wedding Dress

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4 years ago
Hi everyone,

I'm a plus-size bride who has bought her wedding dress online from DHGate - my seller is actually in Singapore, but the site is Chinese, hence the title. I thought maybe some people would be interested in knowing how this all goes, so I'm sharing my experience.

I started my wedding dress journey trying on dresses in traditional bridal stores, I wanted to go for a mermaid dress, because I like how they hug my curves but my FH wanted to see me in a ballgown, since that's traditional in Brazil - turns out I like both and I decided to go with a ballgown because I can't really move comfortably in the mermaid.

My initial plan was to find a dress in store that I liked and then order it (a genuine one) from the states where the prices are a little lower, but the dress that I fell in love with (and prompted tears from my entourage) wasn't available to buy online anywhere. So I decided to bite the bullet and get a similar dress made online. I researched sellers online and decided to go with one particular seller from DHGate.

My dress shipped yesterday and is due to arrive on 2nd June - I'm very nervous but hoping for the best. If anyone wants to know anything about the process please let me know. I'll keep this post updated and maybe go through the step by step process in another post if people like.
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4 years ago
This is how I went about ordering:

First I researched sellers online, looked for recommendations and pictures of dresses that people had received.
I chose my seller and checked that their rating was above 99% on DHGate
I read any negative reviews to see what types of issues they complained about (my seller has more than 6000 sales, so there were a handful of negative reviews in there)
I messaged the seller and asked if they'd be able to do what I wanted, they replied quickly and we talked a little
I sent pictures and things that I wanted/required
They gave me a price and linked to a "product" so that I could purchase it
I got my measurements taken professionally at the zipyard and sent them on to the seller

I asked for them to show me pictures before the dress was shipped but I got a tracking number 19 days after I placed the order with no pictures. I contacted the seller and they said they were so busy that they forgot to take the pictures, I'm a little nervous now, but we'll see what happens when the dress arrives.