Dance Floor at Killashee

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4 years ago
Hello Ladies,

I am recently engaged and find it all very exciting.  I particuarly find this site extremely helpful for queries.  I have a quick question;  I rang a band last night to potentially book for our wedding in December 2016, when we told him our venue he basically told us that it wasn't the best venue are we sure we want to get married in the Killashee as the dance floor will be empty the whole night and it is too hard to get it filled throughout the night!!!  I am extremely disappointed in this.  Has anyone gotten married there or been to a wedding there?  If so, was the dance floor empty (as you have to walk three steps down to it).

Thanks in advance xx
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4 years ago
I have never been there so can't comment on that but I can't see why steps down onto a dance floor would be a big issue?? It isn't an issue in nightclubs or bars etc???

Also if a dance floor is empty I think that is a reflection on 1. the music and 2. the guests more so than having to take "three steps down to it"........if the band is good I can't see why guests wouldn't get up and dance.

Hope there is people here tho that can give you their personal first hand experience.....Good Luck!