Have a great time in Your Engagement

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http://amoyshare.com/photo-collage-maker-for-win/…" target="_blank">Engagement party occupies a funny little niche in the wedding process: They are one of the few events brides and grooms will experience for which there isn’t a common American tradition to look to. They are a matter of course in some places, and more or less unheard of in others. This may seem unsettling: It’s your first wedding event, and there’s no blueprint to follow? But the beauty is that you have the chance to create your own style of event, one that is most meaningful to you. A clambake, a catered dinner, a casual brunch, or even a picnic in the park are all completely acceptable settings for an engagement party — you simply need to choose whichever type of celebration you’d most enjoy.

The http://amoyshare.com/photo-collage-maker-for-win/…" target="_blank">engagement party itself has no requirements, though an announcement and toast, usually given by the father of the bride, is common. Guests may or may not bring presents, depending on local customs. If you’re unsure, check with your host rather than worry, as it can be different even within regions. And don’t be concerned about breaking your guests’ banks; engagement gifts are usually small, such as my personal favorite of two champagne flutes and a bottle of champagne. The overall goal of an engagement party is to celebrate your joy, so relax and enjoy a get-together that is as formal or relaxed as you are.