House of Brides AVOID < DO NOT BUY>

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4 years ago
Hi Everyone,

I just wanted to share my horrendous experience with House of Brides, online bridal store.

I order my 3 Dessy dresses in September, ordered was confirmed, MONEY WAS TAKEN from my account. The next day I received an email to say that they no longer deal with Dessy designer and they would be unable to fulfill my order. I asked for a refund and was told no problem, that it could take up to 30 days for this to happen but normally would happen before the 30 days were up ........ 3 weeks later, no sign of refund so I sent email inquiring ..... no response ....  30 days were up the following week, no refund so I emailed again, ignored again. This time I made contact via website contact form , got a response to say that the 30 days does not include weekends ... this was never mentioned before! I replied with a strongly worried email , was ignored again. I waited the 30 days excluding weekends and still got no refund, I emailed again asking a manager to contact me , i was told they would .... no contact and no refund. I exchanged a  number of emails with 'customer service' never an explanation or apology. Eventually I was told the refund would be put in my account 'in a few days' ... after I threatened  legal action,  at this stage I was 49 days waiting for it! I have to contact Visa Debit (they offer protection with purchases made using their card if you dont receive the goods), within a week they returned the money to my account and they are now chasing up the house of brides for it. I am still waiting on an apology or some sort of indication that a hint of customer service does exist in this company.....  I can confirm at this point THEY DO NOT HAVE A CLUE ABOUT CUSTOMER SERVICE, I googled House of Brides, bad reviews and saw this same complaint in the identical circumstances across a range of websites ... and the fact the website is under investigation for federal fraud ... some people have order dresses and have only realized the issue when the dresses didnt arrive, weeks or days before the wedding. Do not buy from this site!!!!


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4 years ago
Thanks for sharing that!!