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    Hi all,

    So we have booked our venue over a year ago and we are now coming up to the last few months of waiting for the big day..a few things now are causing the stress levels to rise..from day 1 we have been super organised and planning and saving every spare penny for our wedding weekend. We are both working full time and studying part time in the background so we chose an all inclusive package to save some stress…so here we go..we are now on wedding coordinator number 4, one or 2 minor things were missing when i checked the bookings we made in the past..ok fine move on..amend booking..double check everything….arrange meeting asap….now we find out today from disgruntled family members that the room prices for night after the wedding, (we have a very expensive BBQ booked @the venue), are really high… the same price we have been quoted for our executive suite…I am not sure what to do..guests will have to stay over we are travelling from home as we do not live in the county we are getting married in. The prices have definitely gone upwards since we booked..i found the venue because i loved it when i stayed there about a month before the engagement and had said to my mum if i ever was to get married this would be the place! and i certainly couldn’t afford these prices for 1 night away with mum! we can always cancel the BBQ i know but i feel so stressed and so let down..and literally want the whole thing to just be over at this stage…im sure not how youre meant to be feeling with an upcoming wedding.

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