Very Small Wedding Ideas

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    we are hoping to get married in a registry office in April in Killarney.. we both have been married before ( one widow one divorced) we have 5 children from our previous realationshions and 1 child from our relationship. we are together almost ten years and we were would like to just have our children at our wedding anybody here have just a small wedding.. we were hoping to go registry office and a meal afterwards. We are not going to tell our families until after the ceremony do you think this is a bad idea and is it selfish not to include them.. we have 3 kids in college and we cannot afford a a reception for guests love to hear an opinion I am an only child with just my my mum and my partner has one sister, both his parents living but no cousins feeling confused I dont want to wait another ten years

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    We had a sort of similar situation…togather 10 years child of our own and 2 gorgous kids from previous marriage….we wanted just registry and small meal sfterwards…told my side of family of our intentions and they thought we would regret it… well anyway long story short we ended up having immediate family  only and close friends at a gorgeous intimate venue for the ceremony and dinner after and it was just perfect. people that we could not invite understood completely where we were coming from..not sure if this helps but mght be worth considereing… it is a very special time and moment and wouldn’t it be nice to share that moment with close family and close friends…..


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