BUMBLEance - Children's Ambulance Service

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BUMBLEance is Ireland’s and the World’s first interactive ambulance service designed specifically for children.

This ambulance service which was launched on Friday 6th September 2013 is owned by the Saoirse Foundation, a national children’s charity with its headquarters located in Kerry.  The Saoirse Foundation was set up in March 2010 by Tony and Mary Heffernan. Our first project was the establishment of Bee for Battens, the National Charity for Batten Disease and in 2018 we are opening Liam’s Lodge which will be Ireland’s first national  respite centre for children suffering from genetic and rare disorders. BUMBLEance has partnered with Lifeline Ambulance Service, who will provide professional services and supports to the charity.  This is not a profit making venture.  Our aim at the Saoirse Foundation is to make positive life impacts for sick children. BUMBLEance is the most modern children’s ambulance service on the planet and it is the world’s first interactive ambulance specifically designed for children, with the capacity to operate the latest medical equipment and inter hospital communication systems.  At the Saoirse Foundation safety is our first priority and the ambulance is an upgraded Mercedes Benz 519 unit with extras. Using the latest technology this ambulance was specifically designed and built with the needs of children in mind. BUMBLEance contains every piece of equipment that any other ambulance may have as well as latest developments in software, control and automation services from ATSR, Ferno but it is also a fun environment for sick children. The entertainment system on BUMBLEance comprises the most modern 19 inch LED TV, Playstation games console, iPad Mini and NUBI systems all operated via an on-board control system with a 2TB storage capacity.  With the latest mobile communication systems, satellite tracking and monitoring the unit also has a dual channel Wi-Fi hotspot which enables the ambulance to communicate, allowing live streaming from the internet, Skype calls and much much more. BUMBLEance ensures that the journey of a sick child who needs ambulance transportation to and from a treatment centre and their home is the most comfortable journey possible. Please click to DONATE Email BUMBLEance - Children's Ambulance Service

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