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My name is Sandra Losty, I have performed hundreds of wedding ceremonies being a Solemniser with 'Spiritual Ceremonies' since 2011.

In that time I have seen the things that can go wrong unnecessarily because details are overlooked. These details when attended to will make all the difference to how your ceremony will look and feel for you and your guests.

I have designed a course so that you can plan for details that you are not even aware you need to consider right now.

My aim for you is that you will be relaxed knowing you have everything covered so that you will remember your ceremony for all the right reasons. The feedback from previous participants has been about relaxed they were on the day knowing they all the little details planned for and everyone knew exactly what they were to do.

It has been my experience when the details are attended to your ceremony will feel and look like it all went Perfectly.

I invite you to attend a 'Tick Tock It's Wedding O'Clock" workshop to explore how you can perfect the details that reflect you as a couple in your ceremony. There will be plenty of tools, tips and tricks that will help plan with the other activities of the day itself also.

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Went to Sandras workshop last night with my fiance, well it was brilliantly organised. We had a great evening and so happy to meet Sandra herself. She has to be one of the warmest and friendliest ladies i have ever met. As for the workshop itself, we picked up many tips and tricks of the wedding day. We are much clearer on what happens on the day itself; from walking down the aisle to where the bridal party stand to what sort of music works best. She also had 2 guests, Martin over music and Marcin over photography. They shared their tips and experiences of weddings they worked at, so that was very helpful. Overall it was a great workshop and delighted we went!
Review by Lisa Corbett
Wedding date 17th Sep 2030
What can I say about this workshop? I am getting married abroad and my friend was going as Sandra is her celebrant and I am my friends bridesmaid. We thought it was going to be all about the "dry" information but I cannot tell you how wrong I was in my thinking. I wrote down very practical tips that I knew would work for me even though my venue was very different. It made me think about things I need to plan for on the day. I have to admit I had not thought of any of them. My mom will be so relieved when I give her the information she needs to know for the wedding day as will my bridesmaids. If you are getting married you need to attend this workshop no matter how organised you are you will not have thought of half of this stuff. My partner Marie is so happy that all her concerns are addressed. Thank you Sandra you made it so easy to think through my own wedding abroad and I cannot recommend this highly enough to other couples.
Review by Susan
Wedding date 17th Dec 2022
You will not be sorry to attend this workshop. We got so many tips and tricks to personalize not only the wedding ceremony but our whole day. Being great organizers we had the wedding planned to a tee but we had lost touch with WHY we were getting married and were focused on other people more than our selves. We got married in Spain and had all the added stress of travel and paperwork but it all became secondary when we got back to basics about it being about two people getting married because they love each other. We would highly recommend this service to all couples getting married to prepare for the big day. Thank you Sandra we truly had a day to remember and our guests are still raving about special they felt too.
Review by Darren Brown
Wedding date 1st Jan 2019
Myself, H2B and best man attended Sandra's wedding workshop yesterday. We all found it very practical, even the best man said he thought it was very good and useful. There was a lady there to teach you how to walk properly for going down the aisle and sandra is ready to answer any questions you may have about the day. It starts with a presentation about little details you may have overlooked and ends with a trial run of walking down the aisle. It might not be something you think you need to practice, but actually its really awkward when you get to the top and don't know what to do next! I definitely feel a lot more prepared for my wedding in 5 days!!! Thanks Sandra
Review by Shirley Walsh
Wedding date 24th Sep 2018
Myself and my husband were recently married by Sandra. She was absolutely wonderful and could not have been happier with our choice in celebrant! She is so informative, helpful and just exudes such warmth! From the first chat with her over the phone, she made everything so easy, always put our minds at ease and made the preparations for our ceremony fun and relaxed. Sandra performed our ceremony beautifully. We received so many comments on how wonderful the ceremony was. If there are any couples out there that, like us were anxious about picking the right celebrant – I can honestly say she was a perfect fit for us and would highly recommend her!
Review by Anita Grattan
Wedding date 12th Jul 2018
This workshop is definitely worth attending, particularly for those who have never attended a spiritual ceremony before. We got loads of practical tips and advice from button holes, to seating plans, walking down the aisle properly, music, readings, the sand ceremony, hand fastening and lots more. It was a lovely evening spent thinking about the kind of meaningful ceremony that we want to create for our wedding day
Review by Julie Devitt
Wedding date 20th Apr 2018
I have just done Sandra’s workshop. To be honest I was going because I wasn’t sure what ceremony I wanted and my partner hadn’t a clue what to choose either. By the end of the workshop we had our ceremony chosen and knew exactly what to do. I wasn’t going for anything else as I organise events so thought I was sorted. I wasn’t expecting to get rid of the secret anxiety I had around walking down the isle as I am not having a traditional father and bride. We found a solution and practiced it and now suddenly the stress is gone and I’m actually looking forward to that part now. For someone who already knows everything I still left with two pages of scribbles of all the things I hadn’t thought of and lots of tips for a smoother day. I could not begin to explain the value of this workshop. It should be compulsary for couples as it will save a lot of stresses and arguments and will ensure an enjoyable day where you can be present instead of worrying about the detail on the day. I have a very easy going partner who was dragged along. I was delighted he was so interested in the workshop and really got a lot out of the workshop. It’s great now he has so much more interest in the actual details of the day.This will be your best wedding investment ever. Thank you Sandra for helping us and explaining in such a simple way how to have the perfect day for us.
Review by Audrey
Wedding date 28th Mar 2018
We booked spiritual ceremonies for our special day because met Sandra at a fair in Palmerstown House Estate. We spoke connected immediately and just had to have her perform our ceremony. I had a booking with another celebrant and cancelled it because I just knew instantly Sandra and Spiritual Ceremonies was a perfect fit for us. I wanted a special ceremony. One where people would enjoy it because we could really have our relationship truly reflected in it. There are children from a previous marriage and my current relationship, I wanted something that worked for us all. I didn't have a plan for how the ceremony would go but Sandra guided help us and took away all our concerns and worries about it, giving us exactly what we wanted on the day. With her help we created the perfect ceremony with the right blend of respect, humour and tears all in the right places. I had a my huge fear of walking down the aisle, speaking in public and wanted to write my own vows but didn’t know where to start. I not only walked down the aisle making the entrance I wanted and didn’t fall. I wrote my own vows and read them out coherently (I did cry but it was ok) I can honestly say the ceremony was the part I was most nervous about and ended up my favourite part of the day. Spiritual ceremonies were fab to deal with. Their information is clear and helpful, professional and efficient and we were blessed with them and of course so blessed to have Sandra as our celebrant. Huge recommendation from us for Spiritual Ceremonies and of course for Sandra who was an angel in disguise as a caring, insightful to our needs and humorous lady who kept us all sane and calm on the day.
Review by Audrey
Wedding date 28th Mar 2018
What can I say about this course? It could not have come a better time for us. While we knew generally what needed to happen on the day being able to see the demonstrations was so reassuring for us that it would go well. Sandra's delivery style was so relaxed which made asking questions easier. Everyone who asked a question had it answered with an option that might work them, including ourselves. Seeing how things can look awkward if not done right was a huge help. My Dad is nervous about giving me away and now he is delighted he knows what to do. I cannot recommend this course highly enough. It is full of practical tips and information that I did not know I needed to know. Thanks for building our confidence Sandra. It was a pleasure to meet you. Mary
Review by Mary Murphy
Wedding date 5th Aug 2017
Went to Sandras workshop on the 17th July. Very relaxed and informative session. Loads of good ideas to make your life easier on the day and on the run up. Loads of suggestions and we left with a much better idea of how the day is going to go. I will make it a point to mention these workshops to anybody I know who are in the middle of or starting to plan their wedding.
Review by David Corcoran
Wedding date 17th Aug 2012
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