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  • Style

    Lisa | February 3rd

    It Takes Two?

    Would you like to wow your wedding guests with 2 wedding dresses, or wear your dream dress for...

  • Hair

    Claire Martin | January 31st

    It’s A Hair Thing

    Can your wedding hairstyle really make you into a more gorgeous version of yourself? We've got the low-down...

  • Planning

    Claire | January 27th

    Bridesmaids Dresses Designer Stockists

    We’ve compiled this database of bridal shops in Ireland who stock popular designer label bridesmaids dresses.

  • Planning

    Claire | January 27th

    12 Money Saving Tips

    There are a whole host of ways to save money on a wedding. A few suggestions are listed...

  • Planning

    Kirsten | January 14th

    A Bride’s Guide to Stress Management

    Wedding planning can be a stressful time, so you need to keep calm. With our tips and tricks,...

  • Slim Without The Gym


    Claire Martin | January 12th

    Slim Without The Gym

    Allergic to the treadmill? Follow our tips for shedding pre-wedding pounds without spending hours in the gym…

  • Your First Christmas as a Married Couple!


    Kirsten | December 22nd

    Your First Christmas as a Married Couple!

    We've got advice for newly weds on how to incorporate each family's Christmas traditions and make some of...

  • Planning

    Claire Martin | December 21st

    10 Things Your Wedding Photographer Wishes You Knew

    Here are the ten photography commandments your photographer would ask you to follow if only they could be...

  • Trash The Dress!


    Claire Martin | December 13th

    Trash The Dress!

    When you first hear trash the dress' chances are your mind will fill with scary images of wedding...

  • Inspiration

    Kirsten | December 8th

    Creating a Wedding Scrapbook

    You've probably got a bunch of leftover wedding bits and pieces lying around the house. Instead of throwing...

  • Less than 1 month until my wedding!

    Real Diaries

    EngagedJuly09 | December 6th

    Less than 1 month until my wedding!

    With less than 1 month until her New Year's Eve wedding, we catch up with EngagedJuly09's plans including...

  • Planning

    Kirsten | November 30th

    I… Just Want To Thank You

    Etiquette for your Thank You Cards. The wedding's over, your guests have gone home. We've got you covered...

  • Planning

    Kirsten | November 29th

    Looking After Your Wedding Suppliers

    Wedding Suppliers work hard to ensure your wedding day is perfect, so what can you do as a...

  • Wedding Photographer Mayo


    Kirsten | November 24th

    What A Girl (And Her Groom) Wants

    Wedding gift etiquette. How to tell your guests about your wedding list, and how to ask for money...

  • Planning

    Lisa | November 22nd

    Plus Ones

    Figuring out where to draw the line on wedding guests and plus ones is important to do early...

  • My bridesmaids’ dresses have arrived!

    Real Diaries

    EngagedJuly09 | October 20th

    My bridesmaids’ dresses have arrived!

    Our real bride EngagedJuly09 keeps us up to date with her plans for her New Year's Eve wedding.

  • Guidance

    Lisa | October 12th

    Brideandjoy’s Bridesmaid Manifesto

    In the interests of not becoming a bridezilla, this is all bridal blogger brideandjoy asks of her bridesmaids...

  • Planning

    Claire | September 16th

    8 Top Tips for choosing your Wedding Music

    Paul from Milehigh Wedding Band offers his advice on choosing your Music for your Wedding

  • Inspiration

    Claire | September 1st

    Recipe for a Happy Marriage

    A fun poem full of wisdom - the secret ingredients to a happy marriage. Take some time every...

  • Real Diaries

    EngagedJuly09 | August 27th

    Searching for my Bridesmaids Dresses

    Hi again! So what have I been up to since my last blog? I left you when I...