How much do Irish weddings cost? It’s the latest Irish Wedding Survey!

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We are proud to reveal the results of the 5th annual Mrs2Be Wedding Survey, a comprehensive study of Irish weddings. We surveyed 2,407 brides and grooms thus making it the largest Irish wedding survey carried out to date. Ever!

Special thanks to Faithlegg House Hotel & Golf Resort for sponsoring Irish Wedding Survey 2015.

Key findings arising from Mrs2Be Irish Wedding Survey 2015

    • On a whole, the average spend on weddings in 2014 increased only a small amount when comparing to 2013.
    • While spend has shown an increase for average spend on the photographer, videographer, DJ, hair & make-up and wedding cake suppliers, our survey shows a slight decline in the spend in other areas (e.g. the venue, the wedding dress, jewellery and stationery).
    • December is by far the most popular month to get engaged (1/5th of all engagements).  January is the least popular month to pop the question.
    • The trend for shorter engagements is continuing. Two years ago, our survey revealed that the majority of couples were to be engaged for two years or longer. This year and last, the majority fall into the 13 to 18 months category.
    • More than 1 in 4 couples now live together for more than 5 years before getting married.
    • Similar to last year, almost 1 in every 4 couples who completed our survey DO NOT get married in a church.
    • The most preferred number of bridesmaids is 3.
    • Country manors / exclusive venues are growing in popularity with 18% of couples opting to host their weddings there.
    • Approximate spend per head on the wedding meal falls into the €41 to €60 category.
    • Typical number of guests seated for the wedding meal is 101 to 150.
    • Almost 1 in 7 couples are thinking about taking out wedding insurance. This has dropped slightly since last year which may be an indicator of increased consumer confidence.
    • Good news for nervous public speakers, having the wedding speeches before the meal is becoming increasingly popular. The preference for having speeches after the meal still takes the lead, but only just. We wouldn’t be surprised to see speeches beforehand taking the lead in next year’s survey.


 A quick video summary of our main findings:


How much did couples spend on their wedding in 2014?

Average Spend By Couples On Their Wedding In 2014

As part of our research for our annual Irish wedding survey, we always ask the recently married couples what they spent on the various aspects of their wedding. Some brides will obviously spend less and some will spend more but this is just the average for what it costs Irish couples to get married.

Our survey found that the average spend by couples on their wedding in 2014 was €19,635. (€24,490 including the honeymoon).







Venue 9,655 9,825
Band 1,825 1,840
DJ 375 350
Photographer 1,490 1,435
Videographer 1,005 955
Wedding Dress 1,520 1,570
Bridemaids’ Dresses 525 550
Suits for the Men 645 625
Ceremony Musicians / Singers 415 415
Cars / Other Transportation 420 420
Make-up Artist 280 265
Hair Stylist 250 235
Jewellery 485 510
Décor 535 425
Florist 630 615
Cake 345 340
Invitations / Other Stationery 315 340
Favours 230 225
Accessories / Candles 120 125
Hen / Stag Party 465 470
Honeymoon 4,855 4,955
Miscellaneous Costs 1,255 1,170

+Sample size 2,407.

+All figures are rounded to the nearest 5.


We asked brides which words best describe their wedding. This is what they came up with.


Biggest regrets of the wedding?

The majority of couples said they have no regrets at all (yay!) but for those who expressed some regrets, here were the most typical responses in order starting with the biggest regret:

  • Should have got a videographer to capture the day as it goes by so fast.
  • Should have allocated more budget to the photographer.
  • Should have given a bit more time to the wedding photos on the day.
  • Should have started getting organised for the wedding earlier.
  • Shouldn’t have bothered with wedding speeches.
  • Should have spent more time on the dance floor.
  • Should have worn a different wedding dress.
  • Shouldn’t have been as nervous and as stressed in the lead up to the wedding.
  • Should have eloped!


We asked couples how long they were or will be engaged before their wedding day.

Couples are living together for longer periods of time before tying the knot.

It’s all online folks! Engaged brides like to spend a considerable amount of time on wedding planning websites such as Mrs2Be. Here’s the breakdown:

No surprises here really. Church weddings are on the decline but still by far the most popular option.

December (Christmas Eve and New Year’s Eve) is always the most popular month of the year to get engaged.

We asked how many bridesmaids each bride is opting for. Three bridesmaids is the average for Irish weddings. Here’s the breakdown:

In Ireland, the typical spend per head for the wedding meal is within the €41 to €60 range.

On average, 101 to 150 guests are invited for the full sit-down meal at Irish weddings.

It’s becoming increasingly popular for couples to opt for wedding insurance just in case anything goes wrong.

Second time around weddings are on the increase in Ireland.

The average spend on Irish weddings is within the €20k to €25k bracket.

Traditionally, wedding speeches were usually always after the meal. Nowadays, it’s becoming increasingly popular to have the speeches beforehand or even during the meal in between courses.

We asked brides how much time do they spend reading print wedding magazines and planning books in a typical week. Here’s a breakdown of what they said:

Country houses and manor houses are really growing in popularity in Ireland where they now account for about 1 in 5 weddings. An increasing number of people are also opting to hold their reception at restaurants. Hotels still have a massive lead though.

So there you have it, the results of the 2015 Annual Irish Wedding Survey from Mrs2Be.

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